All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Pt. 11 - GIANT SIZE!

Well, as promised here is a Giant-Sized edition of All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics. I figure that I might as well make it up to you guys for the fact that since it's Thanksgiving I will probably not do much, or really any, posting to the blog this weekend. But who knows, cause I do have some ideas for posts and if I get bored of laying around doing nothing (which I never get sick of doing), I might end up cranking some things out. Alright, hit the jump for the last story arc by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday on Astonishing X-Men.


All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Pt. 10

So first off, I finally got my computer for my new job that I started on Friday. What is really funny about the whole experience is that it's an IBM ThinkBook, those like quintessential early 90's Laptops that are big and clunky, and I have to ask when outside of an office have you ever seen these laptops?! I had never seen one in person until I started temping, and the first time that someone told me that was the computer I would be using I thought "Well, they spent all their money on this fancy new office building, so they're skimping on the computers they give to Temps". That made sense to me. But I was wrong, because at six different office buildings I've worked in they all use them, and not just for Temps but for like full-time employees and Consultants. Everybody uses computers that came out in the Clinton Administration at offices around Chicago. Does anyone else find this incredibly bizarre or is it just me? There has to be a reason why all the offices in Chicago use them but I can't figure it out. Anyway, I'm off my soapbox and on to another All-time Awesome Line from Comic Books. Hit the jump for the next line from Joss Whedon and John Cassaday's Astonishing X-Men.


Please like me...

Hello internet! I'm just in (in?) for a short post tonight to introduce myself as the second writer for Event Fatigue. My name is Tim Dunn and I'm an actor/writer living in the city of Chicago. I spend most of my time playing internet flash games, or beating the few demos available on my Mac. (Battlefield 1942 Single Player REPRESENT!!!) As a contributer to EF, I plan to write what I know: comics and video games.

Well, I guess that's about it! I'm planning to have my first real post up after Thanksgiving. Could be even sooner though, given how unemployed I am. (Ladies, I'm single.) See ya then...

Top 100 Greatest Movies All-Time: The Recap and Analysis

I know. I know. I said that I would put this up a week ago, but I didn't. But I'm putting it up now! So never fear! Anyways, here is the master list of all 100 films that I ranked in my top 100, and also with some breakdowns of the list and some of my greatest regrets from the list. Hit the jump for the breakdown.


Coming Soon: Bigger and Better, and now with 200% more people!

Hey all! I have some very exciting news to report to you all today, as soon Event Fatigue will no longer be just me writing about whatever I want to, but Peter Durkin and Tim Dunn will soon be joining the blog as Authors! The big thing that this means is that it will no longer be only me writing posts, but all three of us will now be posting a variety of awesome topics!

I know that Peter is planning on doing a weekly comic book review post, plus all sorts of other opinion/editorial or whatever other kind of posts that he wants to do. Since Peter is going to be doing reviews, I think I will focus my comic book posts on bringing back Best Lines of the Week, and maybe even do a spotlight post on a book that I either loved or hated that Pete didn't already cover. And Tim Dunn has talked about doing a couple posts about video games, along with whatever other topics that he wants to cover. Let me tell you, whatever topics either of these guys decide to write about, they're going to be awesome and if you are a fan of this site then you should be really excited that it won't just be me and my terrible grammer/spelling all the time. It's up to Pete and Tim when their first posts go up, so just keep an eye out for them but I really wanted to give everybody the heads up that changes were taking place here and they are very exciting. So have a great Sunday everybody, and let's go Bears!