Top 10 Favorite Christmas Films

I have to say, I am not in the Christmas spirit at all. I have bought gifts for exactly one person, and even that was only because I won't see them on Christmas Day and have to give it to them earlier. The thing is I do still have time to get people's gifts, even though that window is closing, and I already know what I'm getting for just about everybody that I still have to shop for. It's just a matter of physically getting the gifts, which is arguably the easiest part of gift giving. So to get into the Christmas spirit, I organized my Top 10 favorite Christmas movies list and am presenting it to you all! Hit the jump for the list.



The Iron Man 2 trailer is now online!! Russians!! Gary Shandling!!! Shoulder cannons!!!! GAH!!! IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!!!


All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Pt. 12

I know, I know. I haven't done a post for ATALFC in several weeks, but it's not like I just flat out have not been posting anything in that time period. I introduced THREE new regular features; Trade Secrets, Put It Out To Pasture, and Links You Should Know; plus reporting several comic book news items and doing a sports edition of Windy City Mumblin', as well as a review of the great film Up in the Air. Not only that, but we also debuted our new contributor to the site with Pete's first week of Comic Reviews up (I named the feature for the first week, but I don't really think the name's going to stick). So I'm not going to be too apologetic since that is a lot of content that has gone up since our last post for this feature, but I will say that it is probably going to be a bit of time before you get the next installment after this one. First, I am working on something that if it happens and gets posted, which I do not want to jinx by talking about it before I get it done, then it will be a crowning achievement in my already beyond my expectations foray into internet writing. Needless to say, if it does get done this week and gets put up, you will know about it because I will tell everybody. Literally. EVERYBODY. Also, I'm going to be putting out in the next couple weeks before New Year's my look ahead to my most anticipated things of 2010, and also a recap of 2009 where I am going to chronicle things like Best Comic, new character, hero, villain, and others, and a big Op/Ed piece on how Captain America and Batman have followed the same exact story-arc in recent years and why that might be. Plus, I might end up doing a post that is just a look ahead to 2010 for the blog itself, since next year will feature some really exciting stuff for Event Fatigue. Anyways, click the link for the Awesome Line From Comics.


Links You Should Know - Movie Trailer Edition

Welcome to another installment of Links you Should Know, this time instead focusing on links to movie trailers for films that are going to be Bad-Ass. So all of these links are going to be ones that will take you to a trailer for an upcoming film that I think (based on said trailers) are going to be some of the best in this stage of the year and also in the upcoming year. Check it out