All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics- Pt. 9

First and foremost, Newsarama has posted the teaser trailer for the upcoming Smallville TV movie featuring the JSA. Holy God. This looks all kinds of awesome. I was initially skeptical, even with Geoff Johns writing it, but the more I hear about it and from these clips it looks more and more like Johns is sticking close to the way JSA is in the comics, especially with that last shot in the clip. Hellz yeah. Anyway, hit the jump for another awesome line from Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassady.

Windy City Mumblin' - 11/20

I know that I said I would do a full rundown of all 100 movies from my list with info about the films, but I just got a big job that I started so I was unable to get that finished yet. I will, however it won't be until Sunday so keep an eye out for that this weekend. For now, I figured since I had very little time to write this and I'm tired and ready to complain about stuff, I was going to throw in some rambling musings about things. Hit the jump for things that I think when I think about things.


All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics Pt. 8

So I took some time off from this feature in order to focus on my Top 100 movies list, so we're back now, diving right into one of my favorite comic books run ever, Joss Whedon and John Cassady's Astonishing X-Men run. Hit the Jump for the lines.

100 Greatest Movies All-Time Pt. 6: 5 - 1

This is it. The end of the list. My Top Five films of All-Time. Tomorrow I'm going to be doing a full write-up where I list all 100 movies and include a run-down of things like, most appearances by an actor or director with most appearances on the list. But that'll be tomorrow's thing. Hit the jump for the top 5.


100 Greatest Movies All-Time Pt. 5: 15 - 5

We're getting to the end now people, with only fifteen movies left. I'm thinking about doing a quick run-down of every movie from the list, so that could be tomorrow or the next day since I'll wait until after the top 5 are published. Anyways, hit the jump for 15 to number 6.

Attention Must Be Paid

Welcome to another regular feature here at Event Fatigue, something that I'm calling "Attention Must Be Paid" where I spotlight major deaths in comic books by delving into the history of the character and their subsequent death. Now, of course, there are MAJOR SPOILERS after the jump so if you missed last week's comics and are unaware of any major death that happened, for the love of Jeebus don't read this article yet. Otherwise, hit the jump.


100 Greatest Movies All-Time Pt. 4: 25 - 15

And here we go. Now we're in the top 25, and I'm going to be running them down with full descriptions for why they are ranked where they are. I have to admit that I had really big plans today to do this and then another couple comic book posts including introducing a new feature, but I got rediculously drunk last night and spent the day recuperating on my couch. Tomorrow I will be making several posts, so look for those then. Hit the jump for the films.