Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Halloween. I hope you have a great Halloween. Be safe!

It must be my birthday!


Best Lines of the Week - October 31st

I'm thinking that this will definitely end up being a regular feature for the blog, where I post some of the best lines of the week from comic books while providing enough backstory to fill in what the line is talking about. Hit the jump for more.

Top 20 Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Original

A cover of a song is basically a new rendition of an already recorded song done by a different artist and often done in a totally different style. Now I know that most people will say that the original song is always better than the cover version, and in most situations I would be inclined to agree with them. But there are cases where the cover is better than the original, and these are those cases. To be fair though, this is only my opinion and I will say that for pretty much all of these songs I also love the original version as well. Hit the jump for the list and some honorable mentions.

Next Big Marvel Event After The Siege?

This is something that's been making the rounds with Kirk from The Weekly Crisis picking it up and running through some possible clues about what exactly it could mean. At this point I think that speculation is bound to run rampant, but what we do know is that Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are the creative team, and that this teaser poster was released on his blog:

Also, Mark Millar posted these clues on his site today:
Three more clues:

1/ We're doing this for Marvel.

2/ The main character driving this is in the name.

3/ It's going to be awesome and very big indeed.

Next month Steve and I will be doing a massive interview for this and releasing the cover image plus maybe some interior pages too. You will like these A LOT. McNiv has a more Travis Charest style lined up for this project and it's just incredible. He's doing the best work of his career here.
Civil War was good, Old Man Logan was better, but Nemesis will be the best of the lot.
We're very excited.
Next month I'll follow up on this after the big announcement.

Fall 2009 TV Season Recap

The new season of television is now two months in, and it's time to discuss some of the best new shows, old shows that are stronger than ever, and shows that should be put out to pasture sooner rather than later. Hit the jump for the rest of the post.


Why Lovie Smith Needs To Be Fired.

 I've been a diehard Chicago Bears fan my entire life. I was born a year before the 1985 Bears Team that won a Super Bowl. The only Bears Super Bowl win in my life-time and I don't remember it since I wasn't even talking coherently. Since then, I've suffered through too many sub-.500 seasons and 24 quarterbacks since 1986. We had one chance at winning the Super Bowl in 2006 and we were instead completely outclassed in every way. Since then? The Bears have struggled in every aspect of the game and have yet to make it back to the playoffs. Judging by the start of this season, at 3-3 after getting blown out of the water by the Cinncinnatti Bengals, they won't be making it back this year either. My solution is simple. Fire Lovie Smith. Hit the jump for more.

Reviews at Event Fatigue- Week of October 28th

Welcome to the first edition of Reviews at Event Fatigue! For now, I'm going to be doing this on my own, but the next posting is going to be very different. I just don't know how yet, so bear with me for now since I'm sure the format is going to change so I'm just going to go nuts and do whatever I want. Hit the jump for the reviews.


Welcome to Event Fatigue!

Hey all, and welcome to my humble attempt at entering the world of blogging. I've always thoroughly enjoyed several blogs found on the Internet devoted to not only comics and other nerd things that I love, but also sports and even just about the world in general.
This site is going to be mostly dedicated to opinions and editorials, mostly about my thoughts and my "unique" take on things, but I also will probably include reviews on comic books and movies and also sharing things that I find awesome or hilarious. Also, at the beginning of next year I am going to be doing an experiment and writing about my progress as I go through it here on this site. It's still too early to talk about, as I haven't done anything but think it up in my head, but this will be the first place that I talk about it once I have everything set up for it. It's going to be awesome.

What's in the Site?
This site is going to be designed as a forum for talking about various different topics, with most of the articles will be written by me, especially at first but hopefully adding in some more authors who will write about whatever they want to write about.
  • In the world of comic books, I'm going to be writing a series of editorials about the world of comics, in addition to doing reviews for the books I follow.
  • In film, I'm going to be compiling my personal Top 100 movies of all time, based solely on personal preference, and listing them up to the Top 20 where I will be posting movie by movie everyday with explanations why I love that movie.
  • I'll also be covering sports through a series of posts, the first of which will be in a week or so entitled "Why We Have to Fire Lovie Smith", which will be a light-hearted romp through recent Chicago Bears history.
  • In addition to those main points, I'm also going to be covering other different areas too, including a post soon about Cover songs that are better than the Original. Aside, from that, I'll be covering anything and everything in between.
  • Also, given my active social life and rampant alcoholism, there will inevitable be several posts that I make while completely intoxicated, which rather than safe-guarding against I figured I would just embrace it, so be on the lookout for those. I guarantee they will not be hard to find.
So with all of these dissimilar things that I am going to be talking about, how will you know if it's something that interests you? Let's say you're an avid comic book fan, but could care less about the Chicago Bears, professional wrestling, or anything sports related for that matter. No problem, because I am going to have markers on everything I post. That way, all you have to do is look at the handy picture next to the post to see what category it falls into.

For everything comic book related, this picture will appear next to the first paragraph:

For an article about movies or film related, this picture will appear:

For any article about sports, this picture will appear next to it:

And any other topic will get this logo:

And when I do make a post completely hammered, this logo

(most likely the day after it is posted) will appear next to that post:

Easy enough right? I hope so. Well, I hope you enjoy my site, and I'm going to now start getting to work on getting tons of cool stuff for you all to enjoy. Thanks for reading!