The Future of Event Fatigue

Man, the last three months have flown by. It feels like yesterday I just started this blog as a way to goof off and as an outlet for my bitter comic book related cynicism. But in three months I've written over fifty articles (some were really short) for this fair blog and I was joined by two of my very good friends from IWU, Tim Dunn and Peter Durkin, as co-authors who will help to balance out the perspectives of the site. So, with the first couple steps and growing pains out of the way, what is there to look forward to? LOTS! Hit the jump for a little preview of what 2010 has in store for our fair blog.


Event Fatigue's Worst of 2009

In lots of ways, 2009 was just a terrible year that a lot of people are going to wish just never existed in the first place. Layoffs, the economy still struggling to aloft, health care "reform", and of course Kanye West not letting people finish after interrupting their special moment despite saying he was going to. But really, with a much brighter 2010 just around the corner, we think that the time is right to look back, point, and laugh at the really bad things that came out in '09. It's the same set-up as our Best of '09 list, with the same categories as yesterday too. Hit the jump for the list.


Event Fatigue's Best of 2009 List

Welcome to Event Fatigue's list of the very best of 2009 in comic books, movies, and tv as decided by each of the writers on this our fair blog. We're going to all give our choices for each category, along with a brief write-up of why we chose what we did, and we're going to alternate who goes first so that way it's fair. So with 2009 now almost completely behind us, let's revisit the best that the year had to offer us, shall we? Hit the jump for article.


Warwick's Top 10 Films of 2009

Well, here we are. The end of the year, a time when everyone is putting together their Top 10 lists and talking about the "best" films of the past year. I actually really like this time of year because I enjoy Top 10 lists and I like looking back on films that I had seen and really enjoyed, plus I think it is really interesting to see different people's perspectives on film and the best way to see that is by what they rank in the top 3 on their lists. I have a theory that everyone's top 3 are always set in stone as to what films are up there, but the position changes depending on that person's mood or feelings when they are ranking them. And that's why I find them interesting. Anyway, my picks for the year are after the jump. Punch it Chewy!


2010: A Look Ahead

Man oh man, Christmas flew by. We're only a couple days away from finally putting 2009 behind us, and moving on to what should be a much better and brighter year. I'm going to be putting a "Best of 2009" post up later this week, hopefully before the end of '09, but I thought first I would bring up some of the things to really look forward to in the upcoming year. Hit the jump for the preview.