The Best of Event Fatigue!

Hey all. So I figured that since we might have some people that are brand new to the site, I'd collect links to the best posts from the blog so far. And, for our loyal readers, yet another link to The Weekly Crisis so you can read the guest post that I wrote for them about Norman Osborn's Dark Reign. Hit the jump for the Best of Event Fatigue (so far).


A Special Links You Should Know!

Well readers of Event Fatigue, I've got some awesome news for you. I've made it onto my all-time favorite comic book blog with a new guest post, and I wanted to share it with everybody. It's a run-down by me of the directors of SHIELD before Norman Osborn took over, comparing and contrasting the things that they've done in their tenure to Osborn's actions. I've long held that Norman Osborn hasn't done too much evil since taking over, and I try my best to prove it. Anyway, give it a read and I hope that you enjoy it.

All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - We3 #2

So through the time that we've been dating, I've been slowly convincing Jesse to read comic books. This past Christmas I bought Jesse We3, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly, because it's self-contained and incredibly moving. See, I'm often down on Grant Morrison, but it's only because compared to the work he's done in the past his work now is not nearly as good as it once was. But just because he is currently not putting out his best stuff does not mean that we can't enjoy his great comic books anymore. And with that, let's jump right into the awesome line from We3.


Main Event... Fatigue - 2/10

I usually post this on Monday, but I've been really busy getting ready for the staged reading of my play tonight, so I hope you guys forgive me. Today, I'm going to be talking about the Super Bowl from Sunday, and also some quick sports news stuff thrown in. Hit the jump for the rest.

More Pimping of My Shows!

So I finished writing a full-length play last month, and tonight at 7pm we are doing a staged reading of it at BoHo Theatre in Chicago. So anyone out there that enjoys my blog and enjoys good theater should come out and see the show! It's free, and we're going to have a talk-back afterwards so I can get feedback from the audience about the show. Hope to see some of you there!


Links You Should Know - Awesome News Round-Up Edition!

Boo-ya. So this week is going to be a might hectic for me, but I refuse to deprive any fans of Event Fatigue their daily dose of inanity, so I'll be making some quick posts from time to time. Starting off, I just want to point out how I picked the winner, but failed to cover, for the Super Bowl which was a tremendous game. I'm going to do a Main Event...Fatigue tonight with my thoughts from the game and other sports related shenanigans. But for now, I'm doing a special over-sized edition of Links You Should Know because there were many awesome news stories that have broken this weekend and I want to cover all of them. Hit the jump for the links.


Super Bowl Prediction Time!

Terrific. Now I think that this is going to be one of the better Super Bowls in recent memory, with a high powered Saints offense facing the dominant Colts. Everyone's making a big deal out of Peyton Manning being this great quarterback in big games, acting as if he's the best QB of his generation in big games. But I call shenanigans. Manning is 9-8 in the playoffs with one Super Bowl title. Kurt Warner is 10-3 in the postseason with one Super Bowl ring but the master is Tom Brady sitting at 14-4 in the postseason with three titles. So let's stop all the bullshit about Manning now shall we? The other thing to consider is that the Saints are this year's team of destiny, and they also have "Nobody believed in us" going for them too. So, I think that we're going to see a big upset with the Saints beating the Colts.

Saints 27 - Colts 24

Attention Must Be Paid!

Well, we're back for another installment of Attention Must be Paid! which means that another comic book character has bit the dust. Shuffled off their mortal coil. Ceased to be. Become an Ex-Hero. So who was it? What happened to them? And why should you care? Hit the jump but be warned....