Links You Should Know

I'm working on finally finishing a full-length play that I've been writing for months. And I'm sick with the flu. So therefore, I'm just going to put up a link to the new Kick-Ass trailer. Watch it, and get ready for this spring when it comes out, because it's going to be awesome.


Spidey's Advocate - Spider-man 4 Now a Re-boot of the Franchise

It's official, after initially just delaying the start of Spider-man 4, Sam Raimi has left the franchise that he started, and Tobey Maguire is going with him. Announced today, and confirmed on IGN, Spider-man 4 is now going to be a reboot of the franchise with Peter Parker back in high school. Man this sucks, right? Wrong. This is probably the best news possible in this situation. Yeahbuwha? I'm serious. I think now that Raimi and Maguire are gone, there is finally hope that Spider-man 4 is not going to suck. Hit the jump for the reasons.


2009: A Year in Songs

So, I'm blantantly stealing this idea from my friend Nicole, but it's okay because I am now acknowledging that I'm stealing it from her. The show that I'm acting in, A Look Through Our Eyes, opened this weekend to two really good perfomances, but today I am just wiped out so I'm just going to make a quick post here. 2009 was an interesting year for me. It started off with me being almost completely miserable as I was essentially a nomad and was stuck working in a two person team with a heinous bitch (she got replaced a month later with one of the cheeriest and nicest person I've probably ever met). Then it ended with me working a 9 to 5 office job while acting, writing, and operating my own comic book blog out of an awesome apartment. So I've come a long way baby. Time to recap this past in terms of songs. I picked 12 songs that sum up my past year, but they also are awesome songs too so if you like them you should iTunes them or get the CD. Hit the jump for the list.