All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - 1/21

I'm bringing this feature back! I always liked doing this, plus it gives me a chance to spotlight some of my favorite comic books and comic writers. Today, I'm going to focus on the latter, since the series I'm featuring today wasn't very good. Hit the jump for the lines.

Infinite Crisis #4 - Homecoming

Infinite Crisis was a hot-mess. Straight up. I really didn't like it. I understand what Geoff Johns was doing, but in the end all it turned out to be was annoying ret-con after annoying ret-con with terrible art except for Ivan Reis' pages. However, every issue had Geoff Johns' trademark flair for developing characters and his ability to make some of the lesser characters shine through was firing on all cylinders.

In this issue, Alexander Luthor of Earth 3 and Superboy-Prime of Earth Prime had been revealed as the villains of the story, manipulating events behind the scenes in order to assemble people and make a tower capable of recreating the Multiverse. Alexander Luthor was the greatest hero of Earth 3, and he worked with Superboy Prime and Earth-2 Superman to defeat the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths. One of these people kidnapped for the tower is Power Girl, who got tricked into helping them and is now captured and locked up in their tower. When she confronts Alexander Luthor, this exchange occurs:

Earth 3 Luthor: These heroes aren't capable of protecting their Earth. Its destruction was inevitable.

Power Girl: When my cousin (Earth 2 Superman) finds out how you're doing this there's no way he'll go along---

Luthor: My crystals keep us invisible from even Superman, but don't worry. Like you, I need Superman alive.

Power Girl: You're supposed to be his friend!

Luthor: I am his friend. But I have studied this universe and all others for countless years.

Luthor: I have learned that no matter where they are or what reality they come from, When a Luthor stands next to a Superman - They will always be at odds. I have grown to accept that.

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