All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Watchmen #12

I finally watched the Ultimate Cut Watchmen film, and I was sorry to see that the major problems were still completely intact. And not only were the biggest problems not rectified, but in the case of the Tales of the Black Freighter and some of the other additions all it does is make it abundently clear that Zak Snyder was just not smart enough to direct this film. He didn't really grasp what was going on in most of the scenes it felt like, and that was most clear in how botched the ending was. I'm not talking about the lack of the space alien (or the "squid" as people call it) but what was missing was all emotional impact of the big event that happened, as the deaths were rendered almost meaningless by showing only an empty and smoking crater, but also the unneccesary changes to one of the most beautiful moments of the book. So today, I'm going to show you the scene that always stuck with me from Watchmen, probably my favorite from this last chapter of one of the greatest comics. Hit the jump for it.

Watchmen #12 - A Stronger, Loving World

Ozymandias has killed millions in New York as part of his grand plan to trick the world into peaceful coexistance after tensions have escalated between the U.S and the Soviet Union. Rorschach refuses to go along with this plan because he will not compromise to such a heinous deed but Dr. Manhattan can't let the millions have died in vain so he kills Rorschach. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre take comfort in each other's arms, and Ozymandias is left to ponder what he has done. Then we get this scene with him and Dr. Manhattan.

"In the end"? Nothing ends Adrian. Nothing ever ends."

Just brilliant. We see the cracks in Ozymandias who committed absolute evil for the sake of what he thought was the greater good. And here, we see that Ozymandias is beginning to doubt his own actions as he is left haunted by Dr. Manhattan's words. Absolutely amazing. And the fact that it wasn't in the film for the sake of some hack-fest by Patrick Wilson. Tsk tsk...

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