Event Fatigue Comic Book Reviews - 3/24

Hello Event Fatigue readers. Before I get into my reviews I need to air a grievance I have with a trend very popular in comics(at least the ones I buy anyways). The trend I’m referring to is hero X is fighting villain X and at some point the hero will make some sort of comment about the villain not making any clever quips. This happens in every New Avengers issue and most recently in an issue of Siege. I just can’t stand it, expecially in a situation like Siege, that is supposed to be a dire battle between good and evil. It’s ok not to use the same tired joke in an attempt at humor. On to the reviews.

Event Fatigue Comic Book Reviews - 3/24

Siege #3 $3.99- I’m still waiting. That is, waiting to be let down by this series. Already three quarters of the way done, Siege has been an almost perfect event book. Issue three comes in with the same great art Coipel always delivers. This book crams so much into the pages. Cap(original) enters the battle, Iron Man suits up, Thor and Sentry go at it, and Osborn finally stands revealed. Oh and Sentry does something for the second issue…IN A ROW!!! This is the event I’ve been waiting for, and it has things turned up to 11.

Verdict: Buy 2 because you’ll want to read it again!

Dark Avengers #15 $3.99- Seriously weak reveal as to who is the wild card that Osborn has been keeping in his back pocket. However, Bullseye shines as the psycho that he is and proves just how crazy he is by not only accepting his marching orders but executing them(literally).

Verdict: Because something actually happens in Dark Avengers, it’s worth it.

Ultimate Spider-Man #8 $ 3.99- Great issue with one big flaw. Spider-Man and his amazing friends get their first battle against the all girl Serpent Society, which delivers both action and comedy. Iceman is starting to stand out with his horny fifteen year old schtick. However the big flaw is that the main character of this arc, Rick Jones, is so annoying. He is whiney in every panel and then his revelation at the end of the issue makes no sense.

Verdict: Sadly, save your money.

Wolverine Origins #45 $2.99: PLEASE LET THIS SERIES END. Just crap. Only one interesting twist comes to fruition in this issue, that being that Wolverine was smart enough to have someone else come up with a strategy Romulus wouldn’t expect. Other than that, this issue, like the rest of the series, is a waste of paper.

Veridct: Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, skip this issue.

DoomWar #2 $ 3.99- I was nervous to read this issue only because issue #1 was amazing. By comparison issue wouldn’t be able to hold up, right? Wrong. T’Challa and his forces are in for a fight and Doom gets to showcase a different side of his cruel genius that doesn’t often get seen when he battles the Fantastic Four. Each personality that appears on the page gets fleshed out. Even Nightcrawler gets a moment to tell the reader who he is. An excellent read all around.

Verdict: Well worth the money!

Cable #24 $3.99: If you want a review of this issue, read any other review I have written about Cable. This series is so disappointing. If you’ve read any of the last fifteen issues, you know exactly what is going to happen this issue.

Veridct: Save your money.

Secret Six #19 $2.99: Now that the Blackest Night is no longer interfering in the path of this series, Secret Six returns to it’s winning ways. Calariore is the perfect artist for this book. He renders the action well and the personal moments between team members. I love the triangle developing between Ragdoll, Bane, and Black Alice. And the cliffhanger at the end of the issue has me salivating for what’s to come.

Verdict: Buy, buy, buy!

X-Men Legacy #234 $2.99: Get me off the Rogue train. Rogue hasn’t been interesting for a very long time, and this series is dedicated to her. Her new role as a teacher has possibilities but it isn’t executed well. Here’s a big problem; Rogue grew up as a poor southern girl raised by Mystique. She joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as a teenager and from there went on to the X-Men. Why the hell is she quoting Descartes? And why does she know so much about Hinduism? Somehow she knows everything. Just dumb.

Verdict: Spending money on Rogue? Bad.

Green Lantern Corps #46: I used to think Blackest Night was on a good issue bad issue pattern. I was wrong. Blackest Night is a bad event filled with ridiculous moments that make no sense. Just look at this issue of GLC. Ice shows up as a Black Lantern. When did Ice die? A refrigerator shows up in space to taunt Kyle. I understand why that would bring up some emotions, but it’s dumb. The ‘dove bullet’ looks as dumb as it sounds, but you quickly forget how dumb it is when, on the very next page, the ‘Light Brigade’ vomits on the Black Lantern Antimonitor.

Verdict: Garbage. Give me the money you want to spend on the rest of Blackest Night and I’ll punch you in the forehead and we’ll call it even.

Captain America # 604 $3.99- Falcon gets to shine in this issue. Brubaker does a great job showing that the Falcon is no chump. The other parts of the issue are sort of generic. I really hope the Falcon’s death isn’t on the horizon, because he is just starting to come into his own.

Verdict: Worth the price of admission.

New Avengers # 63 $ 3.99- Talk about a lopsided issue. The pages dealing with Cage and Jessica are spot on and come off very naturally. But Clint and Bobbi come off as one giant cliché. I hated the Hawkeye/Mockingbird mini because it was so emo. I feel like in this issue of NA, Dashboard Confessional showed up and wrote their pages.

Verdict: Meh. Take it or Leave it.

Secret Warriors # 14 $ 2.99- Another great issue! Great characterization. J.T gets some life and delivers a beautiful monologue. What I love about this series is that the more is revealed the more questions there are. And not in a ridiculous Lost way.

Verdict: Always a WOW.

Uncanny X-Men #522 $ 3.99: I loved this issue. I loved it because Fraction brought back a beloved character, but he didn’t wrap it up neatly. There are consequences of bringing this character back that will have to be dealt with in the future. I really hope that the returned character and her beloved get a shot at happiness for even just an issue. They deserve it.

Verdict: Great issue. If you like the X-Men, this is a can’t miss!

Nemesis #1 $2.99- What a fantastic book with a new concept. Let’s get the obvious out of the way. The art is gorgeous. Was there any doubt that it wouldn’t be? And of course, Millar delivers on the blockbuster action. The truly greatness of this issue comes from Nemesis and Morrow. I wish they belonged to the 616 universe. This story is one we haven’t seen before and everyone should be on board.

Verdict: Brilliant and Beautiful. Buy this book!

Green Lantern # 52 $2.99- Same incoherent lameness as the rest of this series.

Verdict: Forehead punch!

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  1. What I hated about X men Legacy was how they evolved Indra. The kid had armored plates that grew around him when needed. That power made sense for a pacifist. But now he can create glowing energy armor, knives and swords too? They already have a character who can do that. Her name is Armour and Psylocke and Pixie and Dagger...