Malevolent March: Day 14

For the month of March, I'm going to try something new for the blog, so every day I am going to spotlight a different villain from comic books, movies, TV, etc. It's mostly going to be my all-time favorite villains, with some crazy random ones thrown in there for good measure, so check back every day to see the newest villain in Malevolent March!

Today, we're going to revisit another terrific villain from film, one where the performance earned an Academy Award for the performer. This was the performance that finally earned one of the most likeable and consistently great actor's in Hollywood his Best Actor Oscar. It's Denzel Washington's brilliant turn as Alonzo in Training Day. Hit the jump.

Alonzo Harris

Training Day (2001)

Background: Alonzo Harris is one of the premier Narcotics officers in L.A, and he runs a tight unit that pursues drug cases and has a really loose definition of the rules. Alonzo is the worst of them, using fear and manipulation to get whatever he wants from the people that he works with and polices. Alonzo killed a connected Russian mafia guy, and has a million dollar bounty on his head, so he's created a plan to get the money and save his own skin, regardless of the bodies that he leaves in his wake. Alonzo is single-minded in his pursuit of justice, willing to use anyone and everyone even if they are his friends or his enemies.

Great Quotes of Alonzo Harris

-Jake: "That man was your friend, and you killed him like a fly."

Alonzo: "Why is he my friend, because he knows my first name? Roger sold dope to kids. The world is a better place without him. This man was the biggest major violator in Los Angeles. This is the game. I'm playing his ass. That's my job. That's your job. I watched that cocksucker operate with impunity for over 10 years, and now I got him. The shit's chess, it ain't checkers. What, we all of a sudden gonna roll up in a black-and-white?"

-"To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf."

-"They build jails 'cause of me."

-"Aww, you motherfuckers. Okay. Alright. I'm putting cases on all you bitches. Huh. You think you can do this shit... Jake. You think you can do this to me? You motherfuckers will be playing basketball in Pelican Bay when I get finished with you. SHU program, nigga. 23 hour lockdown. I'm the man up in this piece. You'll never see the light of... who the fuck do you think you're fucking with? I'm the police, I run shit around here. You just live here. Yeah, that's right, you better walk away. Go on and walk away... 'cause I'm gonna' burn this motherfucker down. King Kong ain't got shit on me. That's right, that's right. Shit, I don't, fuck. I'm winning anyway, I'm winning... I'm winning any motherfucking way. I can't lose. Yeah, you can shoot me, but you can't kill me."

-Alonzo:"Give me 18 months, I'll give you a career. We're an elite unit. We make the big seizures. We make the big arrests. But if you're in my unit, you gotta be in it all the way or not at all. I thought that you was man enough to face that. I guess I was wrong. Five proven, decorated officers say that you're the shooter. The investigators are gonna want to pull a tube of your blood to check for intoxicants, and what are they gonna find, Jake? Do the math. You've been smoking PCP all day, haven't you?"

Jake: "You've been planning this all day?"
Alonzo: "I've been planning this all week, son. You talk that crazy shit, I'll make sure that blood gets to the lab. You wanna walk your baby nuts around the block, you won't make it to the corner, but if you're cool, if you're cool... then you're a hero. You're a virgin shooter above suspicion."

-"You know I'm surgical with this bitch, Jake. How do you want it, dog? Closed casket? Remember that fool in the wheelchair? How do you think he got there?"

-Jake: "That's street justice."

Alonzo: "What's wrong with street justice?"
Jake: "Oh, what, so just let the animals wipe themselves out, right?"
Alonzo: "God willing. Fuck 'em, and everybody that looks like 'em."

-"You ain't never killed anybody before, have you? It ain't like steppin' on ants, Jake. It takes a man to kill... you man enough to kill, Jake?"

-"Why don't you entertain me with some of your bullshit."

-"Believe it or not, I do try to do some good in the community."

-"You gonna bust your cherry killing a cop? You know what you get for that, Jake? The gas chamber. You know what the gas chamber smells like? Pine oil. I'ma send you to a pine oil heaven. I'ma get get that gun and I'ma get that money, and you ain't gon' do shit 'cause you ain't gon' shoot a cop in the back."

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