2009: A Year in Songs

So, I'm blantantly stealing this idea from my friend Nicole, but it's okay because I am now acknowledging that I'm stealing it from her. The show that I'm acting in, A Look Through Our Eyes, opened this weekend to two really good perfomances, but today I am just wiped out so I'm just going to make a quick post here. 2009 was an interesting year for me. It started off with me being almost completely miserable as I was essentially a nomad and was stuck working in a two person team with a heinous bitch (she got replaced a month later with one of the cheeriest and nicest person I've probably ever met). Then it ended with me working a 9 to 5 office job while acting, writing, and operating my own comic book blog out of an awesome apartment. So I've come a long way baby. Time to recap this past in terms of songs. I picked 12 songs that sum up my past year, but they also are awesome songs too so if you like them you should iTunes them or get the CD. Hit the jump for the list.

2009: A Year in Songs

Quick note: Not all of these songs came out in 2009 (most did), but they impacted me during 2009, so I included them.

1.) Heartless by The Fray 

A cover of the Kanye West song, easily one of the best cover versions of a song ever.

2.) War Song by O.A.R

Really summed up the spring for me. This was an awesome album, probably my favorite of '09 after Grand by Matt & Kim.

3.) Blood Bank by Bon Iver

2009 I discovered Bon Iver, and honestly, I'm really glad I did since it's exactly the kind of music I love.

4.) Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

You could seriously not go anywhere without hearing this song. And despite how ubiquitous it was, I still really like this song.

5.) Fast Train by Solomon Burke

An amazing song, and inspired me to write a full-length play about what happens when someone loses their dream and what happens once success is gone forever.

6.) I Need to Know Where I Stand by Rhett Miller

Really summed up a big part of my summer this past year.

7.) Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

Everytime I hear this song I think of What We May Be, a show I acted in this summer. And that's a good thing.

8.) New Perspective by Panic! At the Disco

Personally, this song will be inextricably tied to moving to the city and working as a temp full-time.

9.) Daylight by Matt & Kim

The song that I listened to the most, by a band that I listened to constantly this fall. As I've said, Grand was my favorite album this year, with All Sides and Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix right behind it.

10.) All Cause of You by The 88

Another terrific band I discovered this year, this song always makes me think of someone really special to me.

11.) Lasso by Phoenix

Just a fantastic song, from an amazing album top-to-bottom.

12.) Skeleton Key by Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos

This song is freaking amazing. Also makes me someone everytime I hear it.

Well, that's my list. If you can, try and check out some of these guys, or even make up your list for the past year if you can.

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