All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics pt. 3

Hey all, sorry I haven't been able to post anything in a while, my brother was sworn in as a lawyer on Thursday so I was spending time with the family and I had two big auditions this morning that I had to prepare for also, so busy busy. Anyway, I'm back with a new post in my feature of the best lines from comics, today focusing on one of my favorite mini-series in the last several years, Identity Crisis. Hit the jump.

Identity Crisis #1 - Coffin

Identity Crisis #1 opens with Ralph Dibney the Elongated Man, a former Justice Leaguer with a public identity (everyone knows that he is Ralph Dibney), and Firehawk on a stakeout watching a large crate that some thugs are going to sell to a supervillain. While on the stake-out, Firehawk is asking Ralph about how he met his wife, Sue. So Ralph begrudgingly tells her the story of when he met her, when he and the Flash showed up at her Debutante Ball.  Ralph tells her the story:
And it wasn't just that she noticed me. It was that she didn't notice him [The Flash]. I loved him like a brother, but don't forget where we were. This was Central City back in the day. His day.

Then Brad Meltzer throws in the line, which is hands down one of the best lines of the series, if not one of the greatest lines in comics history about why Sue noticed Ralph and not the Flash.

It was like trying to compete with Sinatra. But that's why ice cream stores don't just sell chocolate and vanilla. Every once in awhile someone walks in and orders butter pecan.

Good stuff. I realize that so far I've mostly stuck to just kind of sweet and heartfelt lines, so tomorrow I'm going to throw out a really hardcore kick-ass line from comics, maybe some Wolverine.

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