All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics

Hey all, hope you had a great Halloween yesterday, I'm still recovering from the night but thankfully the Bears won which greatly helped my hangover. So this is going to be an ongoing feature here at Event Fatigue, where I am going to be posting some of the All-Time best lines from comic books, starting with one of the greatest comics of all time, Watchmen. Hit the jump for the first of many posts to follow.

Watchmen #6 features Rorschach locked up in prison after being framed for murder in the preceding issue and arrested by the police. Rorschach is forced to undergo psychological examination in prison by an upper class doctor who thinks he can cure Rorschach and become famous in the process. However, Rorschach is locked up in prison with most of the criminals that he put in there himself, leading to a confrontation in the cafeteria where an inmate tries to stab Rorschach but Rorschach severely burns him with oil from kitchen. As the guards drag him off, we get this amazing line from Alan Moore:

Rorschach: None of you understand. I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me.

Ultimately, dealing with Rorschach and his outlook on life destroys the doctor's marriage and his illusions on life, leading up to this exchange between the doctor and Rorschach, depicted below thanks to Rich Cronin from Comics Should Be Good! at CBR for posting the scan on-line.

That's why this is hands down my all-time favorite single issue of any comic book ever.

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