All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Pt. 4

First off, I would like to apologize to the Ninja Assassain movie. I've been complaining since all ninjas are assassains, so the title was stupid and repetitive. But, it turns out according to one of the trailers the main character is a former ninja who is now assassinating ninjas, hence he is a Ninja Assassain. I apologize. Anyway, as promised, we're taking a break from the touchy-feely stuff that I've been covering recently and jumping right into some kick-ass lines from comics. Today, one of the best lines from Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's run on the Ultimates. Hit the jump for the lines.

Ultimates Vol. 1 #12 - Persons of Mass Distruction

The Ultimates, for the uninitiated, are the Avengers in the Ultimate Universe of Marvel comics, with Captain America as the leader and Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, and others making up the team. So shape-shifting aliens have replaced several humans in the military and in the Ultimates own base. The aliens thought that they tricked the Ultimates into being blown up, but they survived and have now shown up to lay the smackdown on the aliens. Captain America makes a bee-line for the main alien Kleiser and starts fighting him, but begins losing. Leading to this exchange:

Kleisser: The world was about to go up and you were about to surrender in these few brief moments we've got left. Let me hear you say it "I surrender Herr Kleiser!"
Captain America: Surrender? Surrender?!!

Then Cap chops him in half with his shield, and says this:

B. A. M. F.

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