All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics- Pt. 5

Hey all, so later this evening I am going to be posting another article about my beloved Bears and their continued downfall, specifically what to do next. But for now, another quick post focusing on another bad-ass line from comic books. Hit the jump for the line.

Amazing Spider-Man #34 - Meltdown

This is in the middle of the Coming Home storyline by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr, I know that JMS was incredibly polarizing for fans as a writer but I think the majority of the stuff he did with Spider-man really captured the essence of Peter Parker. So basically, Spider-man is being pursued by an immensely powerful being named Morlun who will stop at nothing to kill Spider-man in order to feast on his powers. After battling Morlun all night and being on the run for several hours, a beaten and bloodied Spider-man first trys to call Mary Jane (at the time his estranged wife) before calling Aunt May to say good-bye to her. After a touching phone call, Peter rallies himself to face Morlun for one last time.

Spider-man (narration): I always knew that sooner or later, I'd lose. It's math, you see. Statistics. No one wins forever. No one. Only thing that matters is how you face it when the cards don't come up your way.

Then Spider-man turns and sees Morlun standing there, leading to the most awesome line from this story arc:

Spider-man: Just so you know, I won't go down easy. And this I swear to you. I will not go down alone.

And of course, he didn't get killed. But Spider-man was really taken to the limit and all of the battles were brilliantly rendered by John Romita. You should check out this story if you get the chance, as it helped to get me back into comics after a long hiatus in high school.

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