Fatigue Relief - Weekly Comic Book Review 12/9

Sorry friends, I’m just not that clever. Here’s the breakdown of my reviews. I will be assigning everything I review a number, 1-10. Writing and plot are very important to me, so that’s the majority of the review. As far as art goes, I’m so terrible at drawing myself, unless the interiors are terrible, you won’t hear too much negativity about it from me. The most important aspect of a comic book, in my opinion, is characterization. If I’ve been reading Daredevil for an extended period of time, and throughout that run DD is constantly preaching that he will not join a team or group because he works solo, it drives me nuts that you find him in Spiderman working with Luke Cage and Iron Fist. That was a made up example, but it makes my point for me. I like my characters to be consistent. Oh hey, watch out for spoilers, because how can you review something and be totally ambiguous the whole time? Onto the reviews.

The New Avengers Annual #3:

A very solid issue of New Avengers. Clint Barton gets put through the ringer and comes to his senses of what side of the law he falls on. Norman Osborn FINALLY does something to a captured hero. I say finally because since Civil War ended, the only consequence to being on the other side of the Super Hero Registration law is being told ‘ I’ll let you go…this time’. Honestly, every time S.H.I.E.L.D or H.A.M.M.E.R or Tony Stark or Osborn would catch any hero, they’d get out of jail for free. The action was well paced and beautifully rendered. My only two qualms with this issue were that I have no idea what Jessica Jones ever did as a super hero or what her powers are. And the reveal at the end of the issue. The mini explaining how the final review hasn’t come out yet! How am I supposed to know what’s going on. Sort of ruins the end of that particular series. 6.5/10

Punisher MAX #2:

If you are like me, and you like a little ultra violence in your pull list, pick this book up now. The series is taking a more realistic look at the seedy underworld the Kingpin and the Punisher live in. It isn’t at all glamorous or filled with Italian Mafioso cliché. The atmosphere is gritty, violent, and hard stomach. Wilson Fisk’s experience in prison is especially jarring to begin with, but when you add on top of that that it is happening to the Kingpin of Crime (albeit before he reaches that particular status), it will definitely raise your eyebrows. Steve Dillon does was he does best, violence that makes you cringe. I am really digging this series. The only thing I wonder is maybe the title should get changed to Kingpin MAX. Not for the faint of heart. 8.5/10

Necrosha The Gathering:

Meh. This is a comic book that features back up stories for all of Selene’s crew. It’s a mixed bag. I liked the Wither origin. I’m surprised it was that easy to bring Blink back from her fate she suffered at the end of the Phalanx Covenant and even annoyed how easily Selene is able to turn her to the dark side. I hated Senyaka’s story. (‘Who would you like me to kill for you?’ Really? All of his characterization from his days as an Acolyte gone in an instant. Dumb) Mortis and Eli Bard’s tales were ok. Nothing of note. So this book was average. 4.5/10

The Invincible Iron Man #21:

I love putting Ghost into Iron Man’s pantheon of villains. He is a tech based baddie and a natural fit to go up against Tony. His back and forth with Madame Masque was great. He’s such a new character and yet every time I read Ghost writers have really found his particular voice. Fraction added a little bit of dialogue for him that let us know that Ghost knows his limitations and that is great to see in a villain. Someone who knows what his weaknesses are is a competent threat. Now this issue suffers from one of the flaws of the New Avengers Annual issue. Someone shows up that I just have to accept can show up now. When I read Avengers I was annoyed, by this book I was pissed. But I love seeing him back and dammit he is inspiring. I love where the plot went for this book, but man, I’ve got to say Tony Stark went through some hell to delete himself, and this issue came awfully close to rebooting him in short order. I look forward to this arc progressing. 7/10

Secret Six #16:

One thing is certain in my pull box every month; Secret Six is absolutely the one book I could not give up. Consistently, month after month, the Secret Six puts forth a great issue and #16 is no exception. A magical baddie shows up and applies for a job. Each character gets a chance to shine and show us why they are part of the group. Oh and one more thing makes this issue great. Four words: Super Hero Strip Club. Seriously, if you aren’t reading this book, you are missing out on violence, humor, and a beautifully crafted team book. Buy this book. 9/10

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