Might Be Out of Touch for a Little While...

Hey gang, so I am acting in a show this weekend here in Chicago called A Look Through Our Eyes. I'm really excited about the performances for the show as I feel that it is a very good and incredibly moving piece. What this means, however, is that I'm going to be in tech tonight and doing performances this weekend, so I won't have any time to post new stuff to the blog until Sunday. But after this weekend, I'm planning on kicking things off for the blog with a Trade Secrets on Chew vol. 1, a Put it Out to Pasture on Bendis's Avengers run, and a return of the All-time Awesome Lines from Comics spotlighting one of favorite on-going series The Walking Dead. So until then, I thought I would help tide you over with this screenshot from the hilarious blog Failbooking, from the people who brought us Failblog.org, and a link to their new site so you can go on there and ROTFL to your hearts content (I don't know what that means, I don't get most internet speak). Check it out:

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