All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - The Boys #15

We're back with another installment, this time with one of my favorite current running series, The Boys. I reviewed the first two trades, and I've now caught up to the series by reading the other trades that have been released, but I can't say enough how good Garth Ennis is on this series. He's always been one of my favorite writers of comic books, with classic series like Hitman, his run on the Punisher, and of course Preacher. Hit the jump for the ATALFC.

The Boys #15 - Good For the Soul

The Boys is about a squad of Black Ops agents who profile and manage supes, who are prevalent in this universe, in order to prevent them from using their considerable power to harm innocent people. The Superman analogue of this universe, The Homelander, is the most evil of all the superpowered and often kills and rapes innocent people. One of those innocent people was the wife of one of the main characters, Billy the Butcher (who is also a supe), and now he's on a quest to take the Homelander and his team down for good. Butcher's CIA handler, Moira Rayner, shares Butcher's ideas to a certain extent but is more interested in managing the supers and keeping them in check instead of outright gunning for them. This is a tense standoff between the two after the Boys have returned from Moscow which ended with Butcher killing his target along with over 150 supers.

Rayner: I'd have thought you'd be happy, anyway you wiped out every single supe involved- and yes thanks for leaving us to clean that one up. Very much appreciated, I assure you.

Butcher: Little Nina tried to do for us, remember, on the Vought tosser's recommendation. I didn't feel like leavin' all that muscle around for the next thing the twats've got planned. Besides the order said terminate, I terminated.

Rayner: You know perfectly well I meant Nina Namenko. Not a hundred and fifty other people--

Butcher: A hundred and fifty supes, Rayner. Don't get sentimental, eh?

Rayner: You have Compound V in you too, you know it's not as simple as that. You see, this is the kind of stuff that worries me about you. That really does get me thinking.

Butcher: Well, if I ever stick a cape on an' start usin' ordinary human beings to wipe me arse with, you'll know you were right to worry, won't you?

That line exemplifies what the Boys is all about. That theme is prevalent in a lot of revenge stories, and even in something like Hellboy, that when you get revenge at the end of the day you've become it. Ennis is just flat out dynamite. 

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