The Main Event... Fatigue - 2/21

Okay, so I totally dropped the ball this week. I was pretty busy at work, and I went to a screening of Shutter Island (which was great) and saw all of the Oscar nominated short films (live-action and animated) so I was busy socially as well. But, I'm sure that things are going to mellow out so I'm going to churn out some new articles for you guys to enjoy. Today's edition of the Main Event...Fatigue is going to focus on tonights Elimination Chamber PPV. Hit the jump.

The Main Event... Fatigue:
The Elimination Chamber Predictions

Gail Kim Vs. Maryse: Diva's Championship Match

My pick: Maryse.

Gail Kim is smoking hot, not that Maryse isn't also hot but I think that Gail is way hotter. But Maryse is going to win this match as, sadly, it's not all about looks it's just mostly about looks. Since she's returned though, Maryse has been getting all the attention and the push, so I can easily see her walking away with the ugliest title in the WWE. Seriously, look at that title. That thing is ugly.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Kane: Intercontinental Match

My pick: McIntyre

That's the face he makes when he realizes how much he sucks...

I can tell you who won't be winning this match: the fans. McIntyre has three moves, one of which is his finisher, and I'd rather watch paint dry than watch Kane carry a match. Drew has had pretty good matches, but they've all been with John Morrison who, frankly, can make anyone look good in a match cause he's just that dynamic. I don't see this one being at all entertaining, and I plan on going to the bathroom during it.

Elimination Chamber Match: WWE Championship

My pick: Sheamus

Sheamus won a world title before Morrison, Miz, Kingston, and Christian. Think about that.

God it really hurts my soul to have to pick Sheamus as the winner, but I feel like he's the most obvious choice to come away with the title. I'm guessing that we're looking at Sheamus vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania, so I can see Hunter winning yet another Elimination Chamber also. But, and this is a total long shot, I'd love to see Dibiase come away with the title and set up him vs. Orton at 'mania. Dibiase and Kofi Kingston are the two that I personally would like to see win.

Elimination Chamber Match: World Heavyweight Championship

My pick: Chris Jericho

I don't want to jinx this. I really don't, but right now the best storyline for Mania is for Jericho to win tonight and set up him versus Edge for the title. Other than Jericho, I can see HBK slipping into the match by taking out R-Truth or Morrison and taking their place in the match and winning. But, HBK/Undertaker at Mania doesn't need the title to be awesome, so I don't see them putting the title on Shawn for that match. Mysterio and Punk are feuding with each other and likewise I don't see them needing the title to put on a classic match, but either one of them could win tonight. Morrison and Truth don't have a chance in hell. Period. I'm all but positive that Y2J wins. And that's going to be awesome.

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