Best Lines of the Week - October 31st

I'm thinking that this will definitely end up being a regular feature for the blog, where I post some of the best lines of the week from comic books while providing enough backstory to fill in what the line is talking about. Hit the jump for more.

In the issue, Norman Osborn leads Ares and Bullseye (dressed as Hawkeye, because he's pretending to be a superhero) and a bunch of HAMMER agents in to the Secret Warriors hideout, which leads to a huge throwdown. In the fight, one of the Warriors, Yo-Yo (a woman with superspeed) beats the holy hell out of Bullsye. His reply?

Bullseye: I think I'm going to take you home with me.

Black Lanter Abin Sur is bringing up all of the failures of Green Lantern Hal Jordan in his life while trying to kill him. Which leads to this exchange:

Abin Sur: I never brought the Corps to the brink of destruction. Or failed to save a city of seven million people.
Hal Jordan: Yeah. Go ahead and play the universe's largest violin for me.
And then he hits him, with a giant violin.

-Later in the same issue, Hal and Sinestro are arguing over control of the team that are out to stop the Black Lanterns. Which leads to Hal growing a pair.

Hal: I'm done being a pawn in all of this. A pawn to you, to the Guardians, and to every other colored Corps that wants to take me for a test drive. The Guardians screwed up. I'm going to clean up their mess. You're going to help, but you sure as hell aren't taking charge. Got it?
Hal Jordan = The Man.

Wolverine: The List contained so many awesome lines that it could be it's own post. In the issue, Wolverine teams up with Marvel Boy and Fantomex, both Grant Morrison creations so they are incredibly bizarre characters, to stop Norman Osborn from taking control of the facility that created Wolverine and Fantomex. So first Wolverine and Marvel Boy meet up at a restaurant.

Marvel Boy: [Osborn] already had a plan in place to deal with you.
Wolverine: Which was what exactly?
Marvel Boy: Me.
Wolverine: Hmmph, doesn't sound like much of a plan to me.
MB: ... I can hear you quite clearly when you mumble like that.

So they break into the facility and Wolverine gets taken over by a mind control gas, but Marvel Boy meets up with Fantomex and they get attacked by Osborn controlled zombies.

Zombies: Halt. We claim your flesh in the name of HAMMER
Fantomex: Worst pick-up line ever.

Osborn is non-plussed that they escape from the zombies.

Osborn: Your fate now rests in the hands of your precious creations. Bring me The World. Or else.
Scientist: Gulp. Go zombies. Go.

Fantomex and Marvel Boy discuss why Wolverine and others are now mind controlled.

Fantomex: It's a living religion. A virus that attacks the faith reserves. You have to believe in some kind of God for it to work. That leaves me out. I'm rendered physically incapable of believing in anything greater than myself. You?
Marvel Boy: We Kree have a mathematical equation that proves the nonexistance of any deities. We learn it the same time we learn not to soil ourselves with excrement.
Fantomex: Cool. I always knew Atheists would someday save the world.

Then when it comes time to save the day, Fantomex and Marvel Boy talk strategy.

Marvel Boy: I've traversed countless different dimensions and parallel realities and I've yet to encounter a single problem that couldn't be solved by a series of well-placed bullets.
Fantomex: A man after my own heart. Shall we?

Awesome. Just awesome.

The Line of the Week, however, belongs to Blackest Night #4. First though, we have this moment with the Atom rallying Damage to fight back against the Black Lanterns

Atom: We do this your way Grant. We beat them down again and again until it's over. Not for your father, but for the rest of the World. Think you can handle that?
Damage: Hell yeah.

It's a shame that the Atom can't always be written like this, since James Robinson has him torturing supervillains over double parking and jay-walking. But earlier in the issue, Atom and Mera (Aquaman's wife) are the ones who get the pep talk from Barry Allen, The Flash.

It Is THE Line of The Week.

Flash: Right now, you two ARE Superman and Wonder Woman. We need to run in, take charge and kick ass like we were born to. And Ray? Mera? We WERE born to.

Just flat out awesome writing by Geoff Johns. You really see why he's one of the best writers in comic books. And then that line leads directly into this line,

Mera: If I'm Wonder Woman, and you're Superman, then what does that make him?
Atom: The Flash.

I know that's almost like a "duh obviously" but that is like straight up superheroics in the best possible way.

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