Next Big Marvel Event After The Siege?

This is something that's been making the rounds with Kirk from The Weekly Crisis picking it up and running through some possible clues about what exactly it could mean. At this point I think that speculation is bound to run rampant, but what we do know is that Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are the creative team, and that this teaser poster was released on his blog:

Also, Mark Millar posted these clues on his site today:
Three more clues:

1/ We're doing this for Marvel.

2/ The main character driving this is in the name.

3/ It's going to be awesome and very big indeed.

Next month Steve and I will be doing a massive interview for this and releasing the cover image plus maybe some interior pages too. You will like these A LOT. McNiv has a more Travis Charest style lined up for this project and it's just incredible. He's doing the best work of his career here.
Civil War was good, Old Man Logan was better, but Nemesis will be the best of the lot.
We're very excited.
Next month I'll follow up on this after the big announcement.

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