100 Greatest Movies All-Time Pt. 5: 15 - 5

We're getting to the end now people, with only fifteen movies left. I'm thinking about doing a quick run-down of every movie from the list, so that could be tomorrow or the next day since I'll wait until after the top 5 are published. Anyways, hit the jump for 15 to number 6.

15.) Saving Private Ryan

I really don't know where to start talking about this movie. I mean, the cast is amazing, especially considering how many terrific actors have one scene cameos throughout the film like Paul Giamatti, Nathan Fillion, Ted Danson, Dennis Farina, and others. There's the arc of the team as a whole, and of course the arc of Upham who I still wish was the one who got slowly stabbed by the German soldier instead of Barry Pepper. There's the story as a whole of course which is just incredible as they make their way from the beaches of Normandy through occupied France. And let's not forget the opening sequence of them storming the beach at Normandy. I think that this is just an absolutely brilliant movie all the way through, especially since it is a modern take on World War II, making it an unfliching look at what war did to everyday Americans who had to take up arms for their country and the world.

14.) Citizen Kane

When I was planning this out from the beginning, I always knew what I would say about this film since I knew from the get-go that this was going to be high on the list for one very important reason. Without this movie and the numerous innovations from it, then we would not have had some of the best films from this list. Citizen Kane introduced the use of flashbacks and flashforwards, it told the story from the end and worked it's way back to the beginning, it left questions unanswered and forced the audience to fill in their own conclusions. While these may not be revolutionary to us, at the time none of it had ever been done before in a film which made this a truly amazing film that changed the course of cinema as we know it. Without this movie, who knows if films like Pulp Fiction, The Prestige, Reservoir Dogs, or the Shawshank Redemption would have been made in the same way or made at all. That alone earns it a place in the top 20. Plus, the movie is very good. That helps too.

13.) Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Hands down, my favorite Indiana Jones movie and one of my favorite movies. The simple fact is that this is one of the most enjoyable films ever made, with great performances all the way through and featured some of the greatest father-son moments in film with Harrison Ford and Sean Connorry brillaint portryals of the Dr. Henry Jones's. The action is great, and the main story is really intriguing and ties into history very nicely as the quest for the Holy Grail is one of those journeys that everyone has heard of at some point in their lives.
"Why do you keep calling him Junior?"
"Because that's his name. Henry Jones Junior"
"I prefer Indiana."
"We named the dog Indiana"

12.) Dr. Strangelove; Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Best comedy of all-time. Peter Sellers is incredible throughout, playing several different characters perfectly. But my favorite part of the entire film is the writing, the biting dry wit that rings through every pitch perfect scene. Lines like "You can't fight in here! This is the War Room!" in addition to the amazingly bizarre and hilarous characters that populate the movie. Plus, the fact that the entire film is a beautiful satire against Mutually Assured Destruction makes it that much more deserving to be on this list.

11.) The Usual Suspects

The acting thoughout is superb, no wonder Kevin Spacey won his first Oscar from this movie, and the writing is undeniably brilliant from the get-go. But the reason why it is on this list and why it is here on this list is because of the ending. Probably the best ending in all of cinema history. That is why it belongs at this spot on the list.

10.) The Dark Knight

I'll admit the fact that I love this movie so much is that fact that I am a huge comic book fan, and this is without a doubt the best comic book film ever. I've seen this film so many times, and I have yet to find anything wrong with it. The entire film is perfect, with my only complaint being a minor one that we did not get enough time with Harvey Dent as Two-Face, but Nolan himself said that it is entirely possible that Dent is still alive and could be the villain in the third movie. I think that is the best thing to do for the next film, since none of the other Batman villains fit into the mold of the first two films easily, with the best one being the Riddler but what would be preferrable would be devoting the film to Aaron Eckhart's brilliant portrayal of Harvey Dent.

9.) To Kill a Mockingbird

When I think about this movie, I don't think about Dill or Boo Radley, because I really could care less about the majority of that sub-plot. No, this movie is here because of one of the greatest protagonists of cinema who dared to take a stand against racism and held his ground against an angry mob with nothing but a book and a lawn chair. This movie is here because of Atticus Finch.

8.) Unforgiven

A great western revenge tragedy with Gene Hackman playing one of the most ruthless villains in any western. It's amazing how Clint Eastwood has redefined his career from being the tough bad-ass to being a run down by life man on a mission looking for something out of the few remaining years he has left. Seriously, that's like every film he's acted in since and including Unforgiven, but it doesn't matter since he's usually really great at playing that. Plus, Morgan Freeman makes his second of three appearances in my top 10, the most of any actor in the top 10.

7.) Godfather II

For most people, the argument comes down to where the best mob films are ranked for people, with some saying Godfather II is better than the first one or that Goodfellas is better than all of them. I love Godfather II, but mostly because of the flashback scenes with Robert DeNiro since Pacino's present day scenes in the middle of the movie are incredibly slow. Plus, and this is just my theory, I think that Al Pacino's career was forever altered by this movie. Think about it. Before Godfather II, Pacino played characters with real levels and quiet moments that were capable of being introspective. But after this movie? We get Pacino playing "over-the-top coach", "over-the-top blind man", "over-the-top Devil" and so on and so on. Here's the reason for it: I blame Kay for having the abortion because that was the moment where Pacino snapped. From that point on, Pacino is never the same because of Kay's (the fictional character) abortion. Now that is commitment to playing a character.

6.) Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino's best. This is the best heist film for years and Tarantino's writing and character work is untouchable. The acting is amazing, and I for one can't listen to "Stuck in the Middle With You" the same way ever again. But the real thing about this movie is what it says about loyalty and honor, as all of the characters are undone by their commitment to their own personal code of ethics, even Mr. Pink meets his end because of not wanting to cross Joe and Nice Guy Eddie. The scenes between Tim Roth and Harvey Keitel are amazing together and, after seeing it through the first time, they become incredibly heart-breaking once you know the truth about who the rat is on the team. Just an amazing film.

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