All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics- Pt. 9

First and foremost, Newsarama has posted the teaser trailer for the upcoming Smallville TV movie featuring the JSA. Holy God. This looks all kinds of awesome. I was initially skeptical, even with Geoff Johns writing it, but the more I hear about it and from these clips it looks more and more like Johns is sticking close to the way JSA is in the comics, especially with that last shot in the clip. Hellz yeah. Anyway, hit the jump for another awesome line from Astonishing X-Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassady.

Astonishing X-Men #12 - Danger

In the last arc, the X-Men rescued Colossus who was being held captive for years and used as a test subject by the alien Ord. Now, in the second story arc by Whedon, the Danger Room (the X-Men's VR training simulator) gains sentience and goes after the X-Men until finally trying to kill Professor Xavier and being defeated by the X-Men and Xavier. This is the moment afterwards:

Xavier: All of you. You made me so proud.

Colossus: You knew. She told me in my head, right as I was about to crush her.

Xavier: Peter, I'm certainly not going to breach your mind right now. What did Danger say?

Colossus: She spoke. The moment you "upgraded" the Danger Room... The moment she wa born, she called out to you. Professor, will you tell us what she said?

Xavier: ... "Where am I?"

Colossus: It took her a long time to know that you heard her. And ignored her. You knew she was alive and you kept her trapped for years so you could run your experiments. You understand why that is a problem for me.

Damn good stuff by Whedon. I know a lot of people don't like this arc by Whedon for whatever reason, but I loved it. I think that what they've done with Danger since has been hit-or-miss, but this story was great all around. Tomorrow I think I'm going to keep on Astonishing X-Men with some lines from Torn.

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