Windy City Mumblin' - 11/20

I know that I said I would do a full rundown of all 100 movies from my list with info about the films, but I just got a big job that I started so I was unable to get that finished yet. I will, however it won't be until Sunday so keep an eye out for that this weekend. For now, I figured since I had very little time to write this and I'm tired and ready to complain about stuff, I was going to throw in some rambling musings about things. Hit the jump for things that I think when I think about things.

  • My favorite series of commercials now is probably the Bud Light "Too Light Too Heavy" series. I think that every one is funny, with some of them being hilarious. But I have to say that the one with a woman trying to flag a waiter doesn't seem to follow the same pattern of being an opposite reaction, since she trips him into a window away from her table when trying to get his attention. It would have been way better if she tackled him and dragged him over to the table, because it would have made more sense and still been a too heavy approach.
  • I was in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago today for the first time probably ever, and it was an incredibly bizarre experience. It's basically a food court and then all stores for building a condo. Not living in a condo, but building it. It's not really a "merchandise" mart as much as it is like a tile and flooring store with a Sbarro's in it.
  • I can't stand those Svedka Vodka ads that are all over the place. These ones. They're stupid. If you've ever had Svedka Vodka, which I do NOT recommend to anyone unless you want to see what it's like to taste vomit going into your body, then you'd see why they have to say it's the best vodka of 2033. Because there is no way in hell anyone would consider it the best vodka of 2009. But these are stupid for two big reasons. One, things may change in terms of vodka in the next 24 years, such as all other vodkas going out of business so all that's left is Svedka, which would make it the best vodka by default. Two, it's only 24 years from now! How are there Fembots or any robots for that matter?! 24 years ago was 1985! The ONLY difference between then and now is that in 1985 the Bears were a good football team and there was an old white guy president. So things have gotten worse for the Bears, but better for the country, but we don't have flying cars or servant robots or a machine that turns our fart smells into pleasant rose petal smells.
  • I am not a bus person. I never have been and I don't think I ever will be. When people's best excuse to love riding the bus is being entertained by crazy people rambling gibberish to them, that means that there is no good excuse to ever ride a bus except "the El doesn't go there and I don't have a car". That's the only time I am ever on a bus. It's not for the crazies, cause I live near Wrigley. I see enough insane people in my life.
  • I love beer. And whiskey. But not together.
  • I recently discovered what my overall philosophy on life is, and it can be summed up in one phrase: "F_ck that guy". It's simple really, since I think most people when they look at someone else looks at somebody they don't know who is in their way, they'll inevitably say "Well, he's in my way, so f_ck that guy" and do whatever they want to anyway. So I just premptively say "F_ck that guy" since they'll say it to me anyway. That's my philosophy. I don't really practice it, since I'm always the chump holding the door open for thirty people in a row before I try and get through myself. But it is still my philosophy.
  • I think we all need to stop kidding ourselves Bears fans. We are doomed for this season and next season unless they bomb the last couple games. If they win half or even 3 games the rest of the season then Lovie will keep his job, firing his assistants for the third time in his tenure as coach. (Good coaches? They lose assistants to better jobs, not incompetance) But if the Bears royally blow this season then Lovie and hopefully Angelo will both be gone, because they both are cancers for this team. Lovie's a terrible coach, but Angelo hasn't drafted well for the last FOUR drafts with only a handful of decent players and only 2 standouts being drafted out of almost 30 picks in that time. He's an idiot and needs to go with his coach.
  • I miss 80's style action movies. Like Demolition Man, Die Hard, Tango and Cash, True Lies,etc. That kind of action movie was never a "good" film, but damn they were always entertaining. The nearest I consider is the Transporter films, which I enjoyed all of them thoroughly and it was because of the throwback feel of the action in it.
  • I've heard from some people that I should back-log some posts or make it so the posts go up a few days after I write them. Nuts to that. I like putting them up right away, even if it means you have to wait for me to get around to posting again days later.
That's all for now folks. If I come up with more I'll post it. Otherwise, enjoy this scene from the most recent Daredevil, where a thug learns why you don't accuse the Kingpin of not having any more street cred, or "juice"

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