All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Pt. 12

I know, I know. I haven't done a post for ATALFC in several weeks, but it's not like I just flat out have not been posting anything in that time period. I introduced THREE new regular features; Trade Secrets, Put It Out To Pasture, and Links You Should Know; plus reporting several comic book news items and doing a sports edition of Windy City Mumblin', as well as a review of the great film Up in the Air. Not only that, but we also debuted our new contributor to the site with Pete's first week of Comic Reviews up (I named the feature for the first week, but I don't really think the name's going to stick). So I'm not going to be too apologetic since that is a lot of content that has gone up since our last post for this feature, but I will say that it is probably going to be a bit of time before you get the next installment after this one. First, I am working on something that if it happens and gets posted, which I do not want to jinx by talking about it before I get it done, then it will be a crowning achievement in my already beyond my expectations foray into internet writing. Needless to say, if it does get done this week and gets put up, you will know about it because I will tell everybody. Literally. EVERYBODY. Also, I'm going to be putting out in the next couple weeks before New Year's my look ahead to my most anticipated things of 2010, and also a recap of 2009 where I am going to chronicle things like Best Comic, new character, hero, villain, and others, and a big Op/Ed piece on how Captain America and Batman have followed the same exact story-arc in recent years and why that might be. Plus, I might end up doing a post that is just a look ahead to 2010 for the blog itself, since next year will feature some really exciting stuff for Event Fatigue. Anyways, click the link for the Awesome Line From Comics.

JLA #3 - War of the Worlds

So I'm posting this for two reasons. One, it's freaking awesome. Two, I'm always hard on current Grant Morrison and I'm prepping to write a post next week that's going to be pretty scathing, so I want to make it up to past-Morrison who was an awesome writer and came up with some brilliant concepts/characters and wrote one of my favorite runs on any comic all-time with JLA. The wheels kind of came off at the end with Mageddon, but even then it was better than every other book at the time. I loved Morrison's JLA and it all started with this story-arc.

(Note: I'm including a scan of the Awesome line at the end, I got it from Brian Cronin's fantastic blog Comics Should Be Good and the feature A Year of Cool Comic Book Moments which was a huge inspiration for me. If you have time and enjoy this feature, take some time and peruse his site because you will absolutely love it.)

So in the opening storyarc of JLA, a group of seemingly benevolent aliens called the Hyperclan have come to Earth with the idea that superheroes don't do enough and they are here to be our superpowered saviors. They fix up the Sahara so it is a tropical paradise, and they execute supervillains for their crimes. Eventually the JLA, which has just reformed with the Big 7 (Supes, Bats, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, and my boy Kyle Rayner - Green Lantern), is none too pleased with what they've done and figure out the Hyperclan is brainwashing humanity (literally. Like with a sponge) [not really]. Basically, every member of the JLA is taken out and the Bat-plane goes down in flaming wreckage so they think that Batman is dead. Yeah, cause it isn't as if Bats crashes that plane every other week. So the Hyperclan are all cocky cause worst case scenario there is one Justice Leaguer on the loose and it's the one hero who is just a guy in a fancy costume. Too bad for them that Batman figured out that they are really Martians, like the Martian Manhunter, and like the Manhunter they are incredibly vulnerable to fire cause it takes away their powers. And this is why he's Batman.

Obviously the Awesome line here is Batman's "Ready when you are" line. Which is unbeatable. It was really amazing how badass Batman was in Morrison's JLA. He was like what it would be like if God fought crime by being really badass. Which is apparently a superpower. Keep an eye out this week for a couple posts, probably going to be doing a Top 10 Christmas movies too.

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