Event Fatigue's Best of 2009 List

Welcome to Event Fatigue's list of the very best of 2009 in comic books, movies, and tv as decided by each of the writers on this our fair blog. We're going to all give our choices for each category, along with a brief write-up of why we chose what we did, and we're going to alternate who goes first so that way it's fair. So with 2009 now almost completely behind us, let's revisit the best that the year had to offer us, shall we? Hit the jump for article.

Comic Books

Best New Character

Peter Durkin: Dr. Nemesis

-Hopefully, the readers of this article will give me a break and let me be loose with my interpretation of the word new. My choice for best new character is Dr. Nemesis. Dr. Nemesis is not new in the sense of the word that he debuted in 2009. No, he actually debuted in 1941 in Lightning Comics #6. I guess I am referring to the interpretation of this character in 2009. His cockiness is matched only by Namor’s, who coincidently is living with him on Utopia. He deals with all things science and his name is Dr. Nemsis for god’s sake. With a swagger about him that draws comparisons to Peter Davids work on Quicksilver, Dr. Nemesis has been a welcome addition to the X-universe that was becoming very stagnant.

Tim Dunn:  Larfleeze

Feels like just yesterday when Sinestro Corps dropped the "emotional spectrum" bomb. I was instantly intrigued by the greed corps, because I had no idea what they would look like or how they would function. I was glad to see that the entire greed corps' power rested in the hands of one... thing. Here's hoping he survives BN.

Warwick Johnson: Saint Walker

I'm going the same route as Tim here, but Saint Walker has got to be the best new character this year. His origin was heart-breaking, and every scene he's been in in Green Lantern has been amazing, most notably the scene between him and Atrocious in the most recent GL where Saint Walker shows nothing but good will and compassion for a creature that has tried to kill him several times. Also, I do own a Blue Lantern T-Shirt which shows how much I really like the most powerful of the emotional spectrum. So Saint Walker it is!

Best Miniseries / Event

Tim: Blackest Night

We've seen it coming for over a year, and it doesn't dissapoint. Great art, Good choice of characters. Can't wait to see how it ends.

Warwick: Old Man Logan

Alright, I'm stretching it a little bit here, but it's my blog so I can do whatever I want. Now although this was a part of the Wolverine ongoing, it was in essence it's own story (like a miniseries) and was a major book put out by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven (like Civil War, an event). But basically, and I'm going to do a Trade Secrets on this book soon, I loved it and I'm so glad I got the oversized hardcover because it is just amazing to look at. Fantastic stuff all around.

Peter: All Hail Megatron

A quick note: Since I couldn’t find the time table for Secret Invasion, I have to leave off Secret Invasion Black Panther. I’m not certain this came out in 2009, but if it did [It didn't, the last issue was released in September 2008, but I agree that it was amazing], it was a fantastic read. It was a sleek telling of Wakanda not taking shit from the Skrulls and T’Challa taking matters into his own hands.

But since I’m not positive that book came out this year my choice for the best Mini was Transformers: All Hail Megatron. AHM was a twelve part tale of Earth getting trampled by the Decepticons until the Autobots could get their heads on straight and take back Earth. This book was what Transformers 2 should have been. The Decepticons come out of hiding, led by Megatron, trounce the good bots off panel, and proceed to demolish Earth. Which is exactly what would happen if giant transforming robots showed up on Earth all of the sudden. The art is colorful and very reminiscent of the original cartoon, which in my book, is a huge plus. Each robot gets their due in this series. From Kup showing the young bots why he’s been around for so long, to Ironhide being old school, to Starscream plotting, the list goes on and on of all the characters who get to shine. And the best part is, none of the characterization is at the expense of the action. Is it a predictable story? Yes, but it should be. The concept of the Transformers is essentially a civil war. And war isn’t a mystery. Two sides hate each other and fight. All Hail Megatron was far and away the best mini this year.

Best Series

Warwick: Green Lantern Corps

Honestly, I was going to pick Secret Warriors for this, as Jonathan Hickman has been fantastic and the espionage and action on display in the book was top-notch. Then the two most recent issues of Corps came out and blew me away. All year GLC was a terrific book, that was just all around amazingly written by Peter Tomasi all year, with great art from Patrick Gleason who never missed a single issue in 2009. This has to be the best book from the year, and it's hands down the best book on the shelfs every month.

Peter: Secret Six

To answer this question, I thought which book could I not stand to live without this year? If I could only buy one book a month, what would it be? And though there were many great efforts from the comic book universe, from Captain America, Thor, and Invincible Iron Man to Batman and Robin and Green Lantern, I realize, if push came to shove(and with the 3.99 price tag looming I definitely feel pushed) I could which book I HAD to have every month. That book is Secret Six. If you aren’t reading this book, you are doing yourself a disservice. This series contains everything from great art and fantastic writing, combined with humor and violence, on top of great characterization and great pacing for a comic book. Gail Simone loves these characters and if you pick this book up, you will too. [John Ostrander did a great job too with his one shot.]

Tim: Thor

I love this book. Before the revamp, I didn't "get" Thor. But this year, I could not put the trades down. This series does a great job of writing for a challenging central character, while building a universe that makes you wanna learn more about each Asgardian.

The Rest of the List:

Best Movie

Peter: Watchmen

As far as comic book movies go, Watchmen. It was, not counting the missing squid which could have worked, as near perfect as a comic book movie can get. I loved it for every reason I loved the book. It’s gritty and true to the source material. Absolutely the best comic book movie this year. As far as other movies go, The Hangover, Role Models, and I Love You, Man were all movies that made me laugh out loud. I couldn’t choose which I liked best, since they are all different and great in their own ways.

Tim: The Hangover & Star Trek [2-Way Tie!!]

Both of these films helped invigorate stale genres. The Hangover was the funniest movie of the year, and had no Will Ferrell or Judd Apatow. Star Trek brought more people in to the Sci-Fi fold (Sci-Fi/Action, really) Thank you Abrams for allowing me to talk to women about Star Trek.

Warwick: Up

I just did a post going through my top 10 movies of '09, but if you don't want to wade through that, here's what I wrote:
It's a wonderful, poignant, and heart-breaking look at life and love disguised as a children's adventure movie. I don't cry at films, and I don't mean this as some macho thing where I'm saying that anyone who does is a complete sissy but instead I just mean it as a frame of reference. The last time I cryed because of a film (and not because it was awful because that was at Wolverine when the mind erasing bullets were used) was at Million Dollar Baby at the end, but this movie made me tear up twice during it. TWICE.

Best TV Series

Tim: Mad Men

Every other pick for this category is wrong. Some of my buddies say they're not into Mad Men because it's "like a soap opera." You know what? It is. Ya know what else is? FUCKING COMIC BOOKS!!! Watch it!

Warwick: House, M.D

2009 covers the end of Season 5 and the beginning of the current Season thankfully as the combination of the two make House unbeatable in my mind. From the after-effects of Kutner's suicide to the complete breakdown of House's psyche to Season 6's premiere "Broken" with Andre Braugher playing House's psychiatrist, this show was firing on all cylinders the whole time.

Peter: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Sorry I don’t watch much television. I really like Jersey Shore, only because those were the kids I grew up with in high school. I guess I will pick Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was a great send up of Seinfeld and the personalities that make up that show and it really made me miss how great a show Seinfeld is. And Larry David is hysterical and vulgar and thank god for HBO.

Best Hero
(Movies, TV, or Comics)

Warwick: Kyle Rayner

I really struggled with this decision honestly. I tried to come up with a couple different choices for who this was going to be, but in the end it had to be Kyle. He really had a banner year for himself as he: defeated Kryb, defended Oa from a massive prison break, plowed Sinestro's daughter, stood up to the Gaurdians, battled the Black Lantern's including his dead love-of-his-life, died sacrificing himself, and then was brought back to life so he could continue being a badass. I love Kyle, so I'm thrilled that he's finally getting his due since they brought back old man Jordan.

Peter: Adam the Blue Marvel

The Blue Marvel is a hero and lover of his country on par with Captain America himself. He is selfless and willing to put his country before the good of himself. If you haven’t read this mini, please do so. The Blue Marvel defines honor and deals with all sorts of adversity, both fantastical and very real.

Tim: Rorschach

This was the year of Rorschach. Never before has Moore's dark vigilante been a playable character on a cell phone game. Fratty d-bags can now quote actual lines from one of the greatest graphic novels of all time. And you know what? That's a good thing.

Best Villain
Peter: Junior (Secret Six)

Junior has one of the most disturbing physical appearances in comic books and her violent streak knows no equal. She did not succeed in the task at hand, but as a villain, she was the best. Utterly terrifying and equally as ruthless, I hope 2010 gives her another chance at the title of Best Villian.
Tim: Pete Campbell (Mad Men)

Did any other character on television get away with rape this year? Anybody? Because if somebody else got away with rape, there might be some competition. Otherwise, Mad Men's Pete Campbell takes it. Oh and you should be watching Mad Men.

Warwick: The Homelander and the Vought-American Executive (The Boys)

I just started reading the Boys this past September and I am now completely caught up on it, and without a doubt these two guys are the most evil bastards in all of comicbookdom. Homelander is a Superman archetype that is completely immoral and basically does whatever he wants to because, well, he's Superman. Meanwhile, the Vought-American Exec (whose real name has not been revealed) is a regular human being who orders around all of the superpowered "heroes" in the Boys universe and wiped out an entire family of Supers just to show up Butcher and the Boys. The Exec is cold, calculating and completely heartless, but the really incredible thing is that he's bossing around a guy who can rips planes in half and melt people with his eyes, yet it's obvious that the Exec is always the one in control the whole time. The two of them are pure evil, and I can't wait until they get their comeuppance.

Well, that's our Best of 2009, I hope that you guys all enjoyed it. Tomorrow, we'll all be back to ring in the New Year by "honoring" our picks for the Worst of 2009. So check back for that. Have a great end to your 2009 everybody!


  1. It's nice to see the other contributors actually contributing again.

    Dark Avengers Ares was outstanding and definitely in the running for Best Miniseries of the Year.

    Incredible Hercules should have been series of the year. Even the sound effects in that book amazing.


  2. I haven't yet read Dark Avengers:Ares yet, but it's the same guy who's now writing Thor and wrote the Beta Ray Bill Godhunter mini that I love so I need to check it out.

    My picks for best series was GLC, Secret Warriors, Thor, or Incredible Herc. In the end, my love for Kyle Rayner is the biggest reason why I picked GLC. That, and the book is awesome!