I've Given Up - The Office

Well, this is it folks. I've decided today that I'm throwing in the towel on the Office. I can't stomach through this season anymore and at this point I'm just going to resign myself to just flat out not watching what used to be my favorite show on TV. The sad thing is, that I really love the rest of the Thursday night TV line-up on NBC. Community and 30 Rock have both been stellar this year, but Parks and Recreation might possibly be the funniest show on TV right now to me, thanks in no small part to Aziz Ansari who steals every scene he's in. But as soon as Parks and Rec ends, I try and watch the Office in order to get to 30 Rock but the past three weeks I couldn't do it and ended up changing the channel or going off and doing the dishes (the dishes!) instead of watching it. So this is the end the Office. I'll always remember you from Seasons 2 and 3, some of the best episodes of any TV show. Single tear...

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