DC Names Didio and Lee Co-Publishers, Johns Also Promoted

Hey all, so there was a fairly big news story released today as it pertains to the future of DC Comics, as Dan Didio and Jim Lee were named Co-Publishers of DC Comics and Geoff Johns was named as Chief Creative Officer according to CBR. The press release from DC has a couple interesting quotes about the move, like this one from Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment:
“DC Entertainment’s new executive team is a creative ‘dream team,’ with accomplishments and talent unrivaled in the business,” said Nelson. “This announcement continues and underscores DC’s legacy as the ultimate destination for creators. We’ll benefit enormously from the deep experience this team represents, while re-energizing the direction and focus of the company. I’m excited and honored to have each of them with me at the helm of DC Entertainment.”

I for one am happy with this move, as Didio seemed like a lock to get the position anyway having him split power with someone as knowledgeable about the business as Jim Lee is a great idea. And I am very happy with what this means for Geoff Johns, one of the best writers in the game and the person most responsible for shaping DC the last decade. Kudos to all three.

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