Links You Should Know - Awesome News Round-Up Edition!

Boo-ya. So this week is going to be a might hectic for me, but I refuse to deprive any fans of Event Fatigue their daily dose of inanity, so I'll be making some quick posts from time to time. Starting off, I just want to point out how I picked the winner, but failed to cover, for the Super Bowl which was a tremendous game. I'm going to do a Main Event...Fatigue tonight with my thoughts from the game and other sports related shenanigans. But for now, I'm doing a special over-sized edition of Links You Should Know because there were many awesome news stories that have broken this weekend and I want to cover all of them. Hit the jump for the links.

Links You Should Know!
Awesome News Round-Up Edition!!

Christopher Nolan Takes Over Superman Films! (via IGN)

Word has come out that Christopher Nolan (aka the best current director in Hollywood IMHO) has taken over creatively for the Superman film franchise. So while Nolan is not directing the film, he is serving as overseer of the story and will help to shape the Superman franchise. Thank You Jeebus! Also in the article, Nolan hammered out a story for Batman 3, and now Jonathan Nolan and David Goyer (writers behind the Dark Knight) are writing the script!!!!! YEAH!!!

The Secret Avengers via Newsarama!

A second on-going Avengers title, called The Secret Avengers, was announced recently without any of the members revealed yet except for blacked-out figures with ominous phrases. So why is this awesome? Because it's written by Ed Brubaker with art by Mike Deodato(aka the only good part of Dark Avengers)!! A non-Bendis Avengers that's going to actually be important! (Sorry Dan Slott)
Tim Robbins is in Green Lantern! Jansen Ackles up for Captain America! And More! (Via CBR)

Tim Robbins is going to be playing Senator Hammond, father of Hector Hammond (cast as Peter Saarsgard already), the main villain of the Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern film. Also, the article talks about a variety of TV actors being considered for Cap, but the only one who sounds like it could possibly work to play Steve Rogers would be Jansen Ackles, who I think could be great as Cap.

For fun: The Sports Guy's Super Bowl Piece

This isn't a news story, but it is hilarious and fun, so I figured I'd include it to close out this edition. Enjoy!

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