Main Event... Fatigue - 2/10

I usually post this on Monday, but I've been really busy getting ready for the staged reading of my play tonight, so I hope you guys forgive me. Today, I'm going to be talking about the Super Bowl from Sunday, and also some quick sports news stuff thrown in. Hit the jump for the rest.

The Main Event... Fatigue - 2/10

Saints Win the Super Bowl

First off, I just want to say how happy I am that the Saints won on Sunday. I always root for them when they aren't playing the Bears, and I was legitamately happy that they were able to bring a championship to New Orleans, a city that deserves a little sports celebration. Look, the Colts won in 2006 so Peyton already has his Super Bowl ring, and it came at the expense of my beloved Chicago Bears too, so they get no sympathy from me. Not only that, but the best team won on Sunday. Did Peyton out play the defense for most of the game? Yes, but Peyton didn't change things up and when he threw that pick to basically end the game, it was on a play they had already run twice in that game, so Tracy Porter recognized the player package and yardage situation and was ready for that pass. The Saints, meanwhile, changed things up constantly and took big risks because they knew that there season was over that night anyway, win or lose, so they went all out. Going for it on 4th and Goal in the 2nd quarter, the onside kick, changing defensive packages during the game on practically every down. Sean Payton out-coached Jim Caldwell and Peyton Manning in this game.


Speaking of Manning, I sincerely hope this puts a stop to all the non-sense that we heard constantly before the Super Bowl that he is the greatest quarterback of all-time. I think that Manning is great, both on the field and off, and is probably one of the very best of this generation. But he is not the best all-time. Here's some of the greatest quarterbacks ever postseason rankings, and you can see where on the list Peyton Manning falls:

Montana: 16-7 (4 Super Bowl Titles)

Brady: 14-4 (3 Titles)
Elway: 14-8 (2 Titles)
Favre: 13-11 (1 Title)
Warner: 9-4 (1 Title)
Manning: 9-9 (1 Title)
Roethlisberger: 8-2 (1 Title)

I got shouted down all day on Sunday when I dared to say that Joe Montana, Tom Brady, or John Elway were greater quarterbacks than Manning. My argument is that at the end of the day, wins are what matters for quarterbacks, and with Manning at a .500 record in the playoffs he doesn't have what it takes to win the big games. Now granted, he had some dog teams the first couple seasons he was in the playoffs, but from 2005 on he had a GREAT coach (Dungy) and one of the most dominant teams in the league every year, yet he only made it to one Super Bowl. Wheras Brady had a great team that got progressively older and more banged up, yet he still managed to lead them to four Super Bowl appearances and won three of them. So you can't say that Manning is the best all-time. Not yet.

What Might Have Been

Back when he was a free-agent, I was campaigning hardcore for the Bears to sign Drew Brees. But, since I was just a poor college student in central Illinois, that meant that I couldn't do anything. That doens't change the fact that the Bears could have and should have signed Brees. Rex Grossman lost us that winnable Super Bowl in 2006, and if we had Bress with us those years when our defense was dominant we would have been in the Super Bowl at least two more times. The roads not taken...

Random Sports Time!

  • Monday Night on Raw, the Miz and Big Show won the Unified Tag Titles. I'm not sure why this happend other than to work towards the break-up of DX, but I don't care because the Miz is awesome. I don't just mean that as a pun, but I seriously think that the Miz is one of the better performers on Raw right now, and I'd love to see him get a main event push.

  • The break-up of DX though, is really perplexing to me. WWE has no tag team division. None. Aside from the Hart Dynasty and Cryme Time, there are no legitamate tag teams on their roster, and both of those teams are total jokes. And now they're breaking up the most popular team they have, just like prematurely breaking up Jericho and Big Show, Miz and Morrison, the Colons, and many other tag teams that no longer exist despite the WWE needing tag teams. It doesn't make sense to me.

  • Here's something else that doesn't make sense, the Bears just hired from within and tapped Rod Marinnelli to be Defensive Coordinator, and even though I saw this coming I am still pretty down on this whole thing. At this point, I'm all but convinced that it's just because of Lovie Smith's ego that thing have gone downhill so quickly, as he refuses to see the writing on the wall that we don't have the players for his system yet he refuses to change tactics to match the personell he has. And why even bother just firing assistant coaches, if the best you can do is promoting Rod and bringing in Martz? If anything, I'll support these picks cause they are more likely to get Lovie Smith fired. Poor Cutler, he had no idea what a mess he was getting into.

  • My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the house made out of Bud Light. That made me laugh the absolute hardest. But I think that this year was a really crappy year for Super Bowl ads, or maybe it was just because the game this year was so exciting dreaded commercial breaks.

  • Baseball is coming! I know we're a ways away still, but I got a great feeling about the White Sox this year. Even with Omar Vizquel playing shortstop. We've got a healthy (fingers crossed) Jake Peavy, and as long as we are in it I believe in Ken Williams' ability to make deals to get the Sox to the Series this year. I can't really place why I think we're going to be good, but I just have a feeling it's going to be a good year for the White Sox and their fans.

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