The Best of Event Fatigue!

Hey all. So I figured that since we might have some people that are brand new to the site, I'd collect links to the best posts from the blog so far. And, for our loyal readers, yet another link to The Weekly Crisis so you can read the guest post that I wrote for them about Norman Osborn's Dark Reign. Hit the jump for the Best of Event Fatigue (so far).

The Best of Event Fatigue!
(So far!)

Brief History:
So I started writing this fair blog back in October, mostly for fun and as a means of distracting myself while writing my full-length play Genius. But the genesis of it (IS PLANET FORBIDDEN!) really came from being on-tour doing Children's Theater last winter and being miserable waking up at 5am to put on shows for 8 year olds. During this time, I discovered a little site called the Weekly Crisis, and reading every day really helped when I was in the middle of nowhere Georgia without any comic book stores for miles. After being an avid reader of that site for almost a year: and also following other sites like Comic's Should be Good!, Robot Six, Bleeding Cool among others, I decided to try my hand as well. And that's when Event Fatigue was born.

Best Articles:

Tim, Peter, and I make our picks for the best and worst of last year.

Peter's first post, a really nice piece about comic books stores.

I pick my personal favorite 100 films of all-time, based on how good or awesome the film was.

I break-down the similarities of story-arcs between Captain America and Batman in the last several years

My rundown of this year's Oscar race.

I pick my 10 favorite episodes of TV ever.

Best of Features:

My favorite feature, where I eulogize a recent major death of a comic book character.

A feature I like doing where I include some of my favorite lines from some truly great comic books.

I've just started this feature where I break-down why something that was once great is no longer great.

My good friend Peter Durkin reviews the weeks comics, on a scale of whether or not they are worth the money.

Trade paperback review done by yours truly.

I hope you guys have enjoyed some of these articles, and check out the rest of the site too. We've got a bunch of cool stuff coming up soon, and now that things have started to mellow out for me I'm going to try and write a bunch more big articles for the blog.

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