Event Fatigue Comic Book Reviews - 03/03

All right readers, I’m sorry I’m late on reviews. That said I have a ton of books to get to, so let’s quit wasting time and get on to the relief.

DoomWar #1 $3.99: I have never read a comic book where I’ve audibly responded to the panel or panels. Ladies and gentlemen, this book made me shout ‘holy shit’ while I read what was transpiring. This book was great even before that moment happened. I’m not a big Black Panther reader but if his series is half as good as this issue then I need to put the Panther on my pull list. As an introductory issue to the mini series, DoomWar #1 does not fall into the trap of most opening salvos. The plot moves. It doesn’t dumb down the event so ‘new readers’ won’t be lost. Maberry weaves a plot that is smart and brings everyone up to speed in thirty or so pages. And then he hits you over the head and it is AWESOME. My only fear is that it will be impossible to maintain the level of greatness over the course of a whole event. A Perfect Read!

Verdict: Pay anything for this issue!

Secret Warriors # 13 $ 2.99: Hickman and Caselli do so much with so little. Each charcter in this series gets a few pages at the most to shine and every issue they do. Without fail every character that shows up is a fully formed person in this Secret Warriors universe. Sure, this series is lots of talking heads. Could it use two issues of revealing secrets and what code words mean and a couple pages of just knock down drag out fighting? Hell yea! But Hickman and Caselli are building to something and they are doing a fantastic job of getting there. Remember life’s a journey not a destination. Except for one Secret Warrior. He gets booted. And even that is done perfectly.

Verdict: Can’t believe this issue is only $2.99

Transformers #4 $3.99: Thundercracker just became one of the most well rounded personalities in all of comicdom. I know, who’s Thundercracker? Always relegated as ‘one of the jets’, Thundercracker is one of three Seekers. (the others being Starscream and Skywarp). This issue delves into Thundercracker’s mind. We find out that he is more than a soldier, but a warrior. This issue gives great insight into the mindset of the Cybertronian Civil War. If only every robot could get this treatment. Elsewhere, Autobots are being naïve and Decepticons are deceiving. I have been cold on this series until this issue. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come. Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.

Verdict: Worth it.

X-Force #24 $2.99: This issue puts everything into place for this crossover’s conclusion. Like a pot that starts to percolate, the water is about to boil. The art on this series achieves a perfect synergy with the plot. There’s also a syphilis joke and it’s actually funny and not gross. Can’t wait for the conclusion.

Verdict: This book is a steal at $2.99

Ultimate Spider-Man #7 $ 3.99: This book should be renamed Ultimate Spider-Man and His Amazing Supporting Cast. Again, this is what an Ultimate Universe book should be. Completely different from the 616 universe and based, at least a little more, in reality. Spidey’s cast continues to grow and so do his personal and professional problems. This book also looks great.

Verdict: Totally worth it.

Ultimate Avengers #5 $3.99: A hero is only as good as his villain. Ultimate Captain America is a huge bad ass. And until this issue had no real rival. Ultimate Red Skull, with this one issue, skyrocketed himself to that stratosphere of villain on par with Doom and Magneto. He is sadistic as he is effective and I can’t wait for the confrontation between father and son. And the gravy on this issue? France gets sharted on. Again. And it’s great.

Verdict: Worth it for the French bashing alone.

Weapon X # 11 $3.99: Jason Aaron puts out another issue that proves he understands how to write the Wolverine mythos. He examines how Logan has dealt with losing a comrade and how he is dealing with the resurrection of said comrade. This issue also gives the reader a glimpse of the friendships he has with two teammates. The best part of the whole issue is that all this wonderful character building happens during a bar crawl. Perfect. I’m hesitant about the developing plot since it involves time travel, but am salivating at the prospect of a Wolverine-Nightcrawler-Captain America team up.

Verdict: Pay up!

Ultimate Enemy #2 $3.99: Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. That thought is applicable to this comic. Every good aspect of this issue and has something working against it. Good pacing and art, cliché mystery villain and random fighting.

Verdict: Just barely worth it.

X-Men Legacy #233 $2.99: I don’t like Rogue. She has bored me to tears for the last several years. However, Destiny is written well as are Magneto and Proteus. The art is good but not awe inspiring. This issue is just sort of there.

Verdict: Take it or leave it.

Dark Wolverine # 83 $2.99: Or Daken: the Roads that may be taken. I don’t like alternate reality tales in the middle of an event, especially with a character that should be essential to Siege. However I love the art. Nothing really memorable but it looks pretty.

Verdict: Meh.

Uncanny X-Men # 521 $2.99: Fantomex stands out and does it in style. However, generic nobody villains take away from his heroism. The other plot developments are very interesting and Fraction continues to juggle the X-verse deftly. As always, Greg Land was put on this Earth to draw the X-Men.

Verdict: Worth the price of admission.

Captain America # 603 $3.99: After the reborn debacle, I was worried whether or not Brubaker had lost his touch with Cap. Fears assuaged. Brubaker not only writes BuckyCap well, he handles crazy 50's Cap with respect, turning him from run of the mill psychopath, to a bad guy with a brain for strategy. And a worthy opponent makes for exciting reads.

Verdict: Worth it.

Secret Six #18 $2.99: Secret Six is a casualty of Blackest Night. The crossover seems forced and if not for Simone’s perfect characterization, this book would be a dud. Deadshot shines, but the rest of the book lacks the usual fun and wickedness I associate with the Secret Six.

Verdict: Worth it, but only out of loyalty.

Blackest Night The Flash #3 $2.99: Blue lanterns are confusing and Flash history even more so. If not for Captain Cold and the Rogues part in this series, this book would never make it onto my pull list. However, I love Scott Kolins art and the Rogues are such great villains.

Verdict: Lucky it’s only $2.99

Invincible Iron Man # 24 $2.99: Yes! The fever dream is over! No! Ghost gets punked by Pepper Potts and …a cell phone? Interesting way to end the issue. This was good in the sense that I can’t wait to see where the series goes from this point on.

Verdict: Sure, I’ll say worth it.

New Ultimates #1 $3.99: NOOOOOOOO!!!! Jeph Loeb writing the Ultimates again. This can’t be good. Well. It’s not terrible. Thor has an interesting dilemma as does Tony Stark. The art is beautiful. Kazar and Shanna = Lame.

Verdict: Can’t believe it, but this issue is worth the price of admission.

New Avengers # 62 $3.99: Hey, do you have one of the last twenty or so issues of New Avengers? If so, you don’t need to buy this issue, because the same shit happens…again. $3.99. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Verdict: Save your money.

Flash Rebirth #6 $2.99: I can name three of the seven people on the cover of this book. Of those three people, all of them are the Flash. If that sounds confusing, then this series is not for you. It was not for me. The art was great and you can feel Geoff Johns’ heart in every word written, but if you aren’t a Flash scholar and you don’t really understand time travel and the speed force, how can you understand this series. I didn’t.

Verdict: Sadly, save your money.

Thor # 607 $2.99: It’s official, this book is being dropped off my pull list. Asgardians are stupid. The entire last arc have showed Loki can’t be trusted, but we the reader find him walking around, doing the same shit without any repercussions. Also, Heimdall’s lookout gets ripped from Asgard and no one notices? I hope Osborn trounces the gods. Clor shows up, which I like, but only because of the stupid nickname Clor.

Verdict: Save your money and bail on this series.

Dark Avengers #14 $3.99: Sentry goes crazy and Norman Osborne talks him down. Victoria Hand steps up and shows some backbone. Lindy is scared. This is a repeat of the last issue with different art. Again, NOTHING HAPPENS! Bullseye gets some great moments but come on Bendis. Write something that actually happens.

Verdict: Save your money.

Green Lantern #51 $2.99: Parallax doesn’t even last the whole issue and is defeated by, wait for it, tug of war! The Spectre becomes a red lantern for no reason. And…nothing happens! Notice a trend. This issue is just garbage.

Verdict: Save your money.

Green Lantern Corps #45 $2.99: The Guy problem should have been resolved an issue ago. Instead of creating a more three dimensional character, this red ring business did just the opposite. The two rings dumbed Guy down to a man who is either raging or gunslinging. No in between. And the worst part of the issue was the Mogo bath of life. Terrible.

Verdict: Save your money.

Blackest Night #7 : Lex Luthor is the only good part about this issue. Considering this is a Green Lantern ‘event’ that is a bad thing. Especially when you find out what is hiding in the Earth. I feel like the new corps members added last issue were just created for the visual. Nothing was done with any of the new members except Lex. The White Corps? Give me a break. I will be dropping all GL titles as soon as this event is over. Too much nonsense. Crap. The end of this event can’t come soon enough. 

Verdict: Save your money.

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  1. I really disliked ultimate new ultimates #1. Why are all the ultimate versions of super heroes just stealing costumes from lesser heroes in the regular universe. Ultimate Powerman looks just like the secret warrior stonewall and i dont know if hellcat is just looking like tigra now or if tigra just stole the name hellcat. Also, wasnt ultimate black panther just a cover identity for captain america? Why did it say was Thor dead in Valhalla, he should be trapped in Hel? Maybe these things are Cho's fault, but i really just dislike Loeb so I'm blaming him.