All-Time Awesome Lines From Comics - Justice League #8

I know that there are a lot of internet haters out there, but I'm not afraid to say that I loved Brad Meltzer's DC work. His run on Justice League of America was far and away better than just about anything that came afterwards, and I would rather have his take on the characters than James Robinson's anyday. So with that said, I'm going to present one of my favorite moments from Meltzer's run of JLoA. Hit the Jump for it.

Justice League of America #8 - Lightning Lad

The first part of the JLA/JSA crossover, this was a quiet issue that featured some of the members of the Justice League and Justice Society training together and learning from each other. One of the groups were playing capture the flag together, with Red Arrow, Wildcat and Geo-Force going against Hawkgirl and Red Tornado. Roy (Red Arrow) shoots Red Tornado's cape off as a challenge, but Tornado shoots Roy across the field with his wind powers. Roy is hurtling towards a tree when Hawkgirl (who was in love with Roy at this point) flies in the way to try and save Roy. Red Arrow is caught safely by Vixen, and in the aftermath we get this brilliant exchange.

Vixen: John, what's wrong with you?

Wildcat: Don't give him grief, Han shot first.

Red Tornado: My reaction was... I miscalculated I - I apologize.

Hawkgirl: It's been tough on Reddy since he stepped back in his body... But as with any personal journey, the hardest part of coming home again is when you realize you're not the same person who left.

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