Avengers Members Announced

Hey all. So after the Siege is over, all four Avengers books are coming to an end. In their place, there is going to be only one core Avengers book featuring a more classic roster. So far, there have been four members announced via various websites this week, with more to come I'm sure. As the announcements come in I'll be sure to update this story as more people are announced. So who made the list? Hit the jump to find out!

Bendis' "New" Avengers Team!

No real surprises, since this is a Bendis comic of course we have Spider-Woman for no reason while more deserving female heroines get left off the Avengers roster. I'd much rather see Songbird, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, or Black Widow take her spot, especially since Bendis has never done anything of note with her. I mean, we're told that she's awesome but then she never does a goddamn thing. It's just weird.

As you can see from the images, John Romita Jr. is doing the artwork for Avengers (Awesome!) with Brian Bendis writing (...not awesome). Honestly? I was stoked to see the JRJR artwork, but when I heard that Bendis was still on Avengers my interest immediately subsided. Maybe he'll move on to something else or it'll get better? Yeah, I know. Pipe dreams...

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