Event Fatigue Comic Book Reviews - 02/03

This week all of the reviews are Marvel books. Sorry for anyone out there that reads more DC than me, but times are tight and I can’t pick up all the books that are on the new comic rack. On to the reviews.

Event Fatigue Comic Book Reviews - 2/3

Ultimate X #1 $3.99: When I see the name Jeph Loeb atop a Marvel book, I cringe. Or at least on his latest run at Marvel I cringe. Loeb’s runs on Hulk, Ultimatum, and Wolverine were/are terrible. So I was hesitant to pick up Ultimate X. However, this issue (I won’t say series because I’ve been spurned by Loeb so often lately) was very good. Firstly, Art Addams can really draw a great book. It’s realistic and but you never lose sight that you are reading a comic book. When the Ultimatum wave hit, the reset button was pressed for the Ultimate Universe. In this issue, it really feels that way. We learn some interesting facts about the Ultimate U and how mutants are to be treated (shot on sight for all law enforcement). I didn’t like starting this series with such big ties to Wolverine. But this was a good stand alone issue and a great way to reboot mutants in the Ultimate Universe. Get in on the ground floor.

Verdict: Worth the money.

Cable #23 $2.99: Guess what happens in this issue? If you’ve been following this series or even read just one issue, you will be spot on in your guess. Cable and Hope jump into the time stream, get attacked, escape and go on the run. Don’t worry Bishop is not far behind. And at the end of the issue…wait for it…Cable and Hope jump into the time stream. The art looks phoned in and the story is repetitive. If you have one issue, you already have this issue.

Verdict: Save your money.

Invincible Iron Man #23 $2.99: I’m torn about this issue. I love the art and have loved Larroca on this series with every panel he has drawn. So the art isn’t the problem. There was a great exchange between Maria Hill and Pepper Potts. In fact, Fraction nails every characters voice in this series. So that isn’t the problem either. I guess I’m just anxious to have Tony back in the Iron Man suit. I’m done with the fever dream story. However, Tony may be showing up in Siege as Iron Man just when this series puts him back in the suit, which would be really cool. It drives me crazy when big reveals get ruined when the reveal happens in another book and has no consequence (see the Captain America reborn debacle). Ghost shows up and does what he should have done last issue and sets up next issue to be pretty exciting.

Verdict: Despite my nitpicking, worth the price.

Wolverine Weapon X #10 $3.99: If you like Wolverine, buy this issue. If you hate Wolverine, buy this issue! I have every issue of every Wolverine series, and every once and a while a book comes to the rack that reminds the reader why Wolverine is a great, three dimensional character and not just an indestructible cliché. In this issue we get to see who Logan goes to talk about lady trouble. Each interaction only lasts a page, maybe two, but Aaron doesn’t need any more than that. This issue looks fantastic. Hopefully C.P Smith is the new regular artist on this title.

Verdict: Worth then times the cover price!

Siege #2 $3.99: I have loved Siege. Maybe because I know it’s only four issues long or because you don’t need any of the tie ins to enjoy the book. I am really enjoying the story too. And even if the plot stunk, Coipel has outdone himself with this series. Coipel could draw paint drawing and I’d spend $3.99 for each issue. Bendis is doing well too. I feel he is capturing each vignette perfectly. Siege is a Michael Bay movie, with good writing. And man, Ares shines in this issue! Which is sad because Ares fights Sentry and it does not go well. Also, Bendis includes Nick Fury addressing his Secret Warriors and that was a wonderful bonus for this book. Great book.

Verdict: Totally worth it.

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