The Main Event...Fatigue - 2/1

So I'm only stopping in briefly tonight, my good friend has been sick with Mono for weeks and relatively isolated from people. So instead of blogging tonight I'm going to go and cheer her up. I do hope you'll forgive me. But, I do have some quick sports thoughts for you, hopefully that will tide you over, and I'll be back tomorrow with an Awesome Line from Comics and I should be able to finish my Put it Out to Pasture on Bendis' Avengers run tomorrow also. Hit the jump the rest of this article.

The Main Event... Fatigue

  • So last night I only guessed one match correctly from the Royal Rumble, but to be fair if I had known there would be a US title match I totally would have picked the Miz to win because he's Awesome! I have to say, I loved the Rumble match last night. C.M Punk didn't win, but he stole the whole show as evidenced by me and my buddies talking about him for half the match after he was eliminated. Basically, Punk would eliminate people and then get on the microphone and talk about how he was going to save everyone with straight-edge. His heel persona is the most entertaining in wrestling now, and I think that if he gets enough lee-way to do what he wants he could go down as one of the best ever.
  • As for the actual winner, I was psyched to see Edge come back and to win the Rumble. However, I can't help but feel that this was yet another missed opportunity for them to promote someone to Main Event status. Rey Mysterio and Batista were mid-carders when they won the Rumble, but now they're firmly Main Eventers since then. This would have been a great chance to promote guys like Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, or even Dibiase. These guys should start Main Eventing, instead of losers like Sheamus (who had the worst match of the night).

  • The Bears continue to stumble in their search for any co-ordinators, finally bringing in Mike Martz to interview for the job. Now it's down to Martz and some QB coach out of Minnesota, the latter of which has never run an NFL offense or called any plays. While Martz has run 4 offenses in the NFL, and has only once had an offense out of the top-15 in the NFL, while the Bears have only once had an offense in the top-15 in the last 6 seasons. The fact that this is even a decision shows the ineptness of the Bears.
  • I was wrong. Vinny has actually done something to light a fire under the Bulls, and they are playing good basketball right now. I saw the overtime win against New Orleans and this team looks good. We get a big free-agent this off-season and we've got a solid shot in the East, especially with a more experienced Derek Rose.
  • Does anyone enjoy watching the Pro Bowl? I didn't even know they moved it to the week before the Super Bowl, which is a stupid move, and wouldn't have watched it even if I knew it was on. Just let the players hang out in Hawaii and don't make them play this waste of time.

I'm out peeps. Keep on rocking in the free world.

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